• Aw, she's gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for replying, it helps do much to hear from someone who has had a breed similar to Pugs and can tell me how they are similar and how they differ! I really think more and more that Basenji's could be a really good fit for me! 🙂

  • I've had basenjis for almost 20 years. Here's my 2 cents worth: they are wonderful creatures (and beautiful) and like people each has his/her own personality. I had one male who was very cuddly and learned to stay near me when I sat out on the deck or worked in the garden. I have one now that won't cuddle at all except in bed when it's cold. None have been destructive (other than tissue pieces all over the place and squeeky toys that are shredded as soon as they arrive) but they are always always always crated/penned when I go to work or the store or whatever. Walks can be an issue as my female wants to go only on a certain route and not necessarily where I want to go. Fetching a ball, tugging or other typical play activities are non-existent. All mine as is typical of the breed have been serious hunters - rabbits, chipmunks, birds don't stand a chance in my yard. A fenced yard is almost a 100% requirement as once they get on a rabbit or squirrel or whatever, running out into the road after creatures is soon to lead to disaster (I lost my first one that way). Meet as many as you can before you decide.

  • I forgot to mention that they can also be extreme houdinis. My female has learned how to manipulate the latch on her crate so I have to use a lock and she taught herself how to open the screen door. My friend had a male that could climb an 8 foot fence and escape. Be sure to check about such things when you talk with breeders or BRAT.

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