• Here are some pictures from two recent trips to forest reserves around Adelaide, South Australia. Mt Crawford is a pine plantation near the Barossa Valley wine region and Randall Park is non-protected section (meaning dogs are allowed off-leash) of Belair National Park (just outside Adelaide city), it is used for the quarry of ornamental stones for gardens and for general enjoyment.

    PS. If anyone would care to comment on Taco's weight I'm all ears, as I don't know other basenji owners and vets don't know, it's hard to gauge how he's tracking - he's currently 43cm tall/long and 11.5 - 12kg.

    Bonus: Walking animation GIF - Click here


  • Hi, he looks to be in the same condition as my boy, Kaiser is around 47cm at shoulder and is around 13.9kg at the moment, has been up to 14.3kg. Have been trying to feed less but he acts likes hes always starving(he is raw feed) and I'm a sucker for giving treats. Have been told ideally should see the last 3 ribs on him(not sure if that's the Basenji ideal) but as he likes to play with big dogs I like a little weight on him, but I do think he is carrying a little fat. Kaiser will be 2 on 13 July. He looks a lot like my boy in the first photo. What breeder did he come from, as Kaiser has some Australian in him.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Hey Jolanda, thanks for the insight, I had better cut his food down then ūüôā

    Wow Kaiser is a big boy! I wish Taco would grow to that height because he too prefers big dogs, sometimes he struggles with the wrestling. He is currently a bit over 10 months, so I suppose he might still shoot up a bit.

    We got him from a lady in Queensland, her kennel is called FAYRELYN. We have lost Taco's pedigree papers so I can't say where she got her stock from sorry, though quite likely most Australian Bs are linked in some way. We are hopeful to add a tricolour boy to our family this September, we have our names down with Wazazi.

  • Kaiser has some Wazazi in him, great grandfather CH WAZAZI DAZZLING IMPACT and great grandmother WAZAZI HEAVENLY VISION so may end up being related to your future boy. I felt like Kaiser was going to grow right out of his crate height ways, his ears pop out the top when he has his winter blankets. Some weight does help with playing with the bigger dogs otherwise they get knocked around too much. I do like the size he has grown and he still manages to curl up tight like a cat. I always think he is a big dog until he is next to other dogs, I'm so used to my previous dog who was a toy poodle and I could whisk him up with one arm, Kaiser does demand both arms and knees bent. You are going to have fun with two, lucky you. Don't forget photo's.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Kylie from Wazazi is breeding her bitch Holly and Ngozi's dog Maseru,

    Holly: http://wazazi.com/my-dogs/current-team/holly/
    Maseru: http://www.ngozi.com.au/OurBoys.html

    We're hoping for a tri boy, if he turned out half as striking as Maseru he'd be impressive. Out of interest, Maseru is just shy of 43cm tall, I don't know about Holly, but a Wazazi boy will likely be around the same.

    It's funny how small they can fold up, yet if you ever share the couch you'll never get more than an inch!

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