CO-Denver/Aurora-5 Yr. Old Red & White Female PB-On Craigslist

The person moved from a house to an apt. and dog is not happy-needs a backyard. No mention of spay, vaccines, etc.

Here is the ad:


…. Sigh... Basenjis while good with some people with allergies are NOT "hypoalergenic" as put in the ad

I let Colorado Basenji Rescue know about this one.

And Peggy said she's arranged to pick up the dog today…. if the owner doesn't back out (Peggy's words).

It is difficult to give up a dog one has had for over 4 years! I lived in an apt. in Houston and I know that unless you walk the dog frequently or have it go to doggy day care and dog parks, the dog will not get enough exercise.


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