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I was very active in the basenji world for 10 years, and I vote:
There is DEFINITELY basenji in the mix!

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I have had 15 - 20 adult female basenjis over the years, and 2 was the age when it seemed like they became their 'true adult selves.' (spayed/neutered or not)
I do not feel confident giving suggestions, just wanted you to know her age is typical for this to happen.

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I have had 12 adult basenjis over the years and found that some would yodel, some would not.
I had 2 lines and think they either have yodeling DNA or they didn't, one did, one did not.

The ones that did yodeled when they knew they were getting to do something they really liked to do, so it was a happy yodel.

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I know this is an extremely old thread, but it kind of made me cry. I do remember the home in Georgia where Sid ended up was a home that I might even call the best home he ever had.
His owner has written to me over the years (oh, forgot to say I was the person who was in a car accident and had to rehome him.) and I've tried and tried, but cannot find her email, and don't remember her name!
I was just thinking of her when I saw on tv that IRMA is now moving up to GA, not a hurricane anymore, and I wanted to let her know I was thinking of her, and praying for her safety. I never received an email that Sid had died, and I really think I would have, so assume he is still alive. My girl that had the same sire lived to be 16, and since he was younger, it's possible.

So if anyone out there keeps in touch with her, please send on my prayers for their safety.

After reading this, ANYONE down that way, please please know up here I feel kind of helpless. There are various places that are collecting things, monetary and otherwise, so doing what we can.
I was happy to hear the folks in Florida (and Texas) are reacting the way I would, trying to take care of each other.

Like I said, I know how very old this thread is, so if no one reads this that won't surprise me

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When my daughter was 10-11, we went to the Basenji National, I think in Indianapolis. She showed in Juniors at the time, and I think showed a few of our adults too.

They had a costume contest (it was before Halloween) and she and our Spicer entered. I made her a Dorothy outfit, and Spicer's 'witch' outfit. I attached a 'gown', to a dark lure coursing shirt (sorry, forget what they are called), that dragged on the floor when he walked. I
took some glow in the dark paint and wrote on the gown

She's 32 now, married, and I gave the dog stuff to her a couple of years ago. You'll just have to take my word for it, they were adorable!

Oh, for the next couple of years when the kids went trick or treating, Spicer got to go, wearing his costume too. He held his head so high, I like to think he was so proud that he won the costume contest. After all, Monica was cute, but HE won!

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I have had 2 neutered over the years. IMO, before neutering, they think they are tough, they know all, and everyone should hold them in the highest esteem. After neutering, they were easier to live with, all that went away, and their true, sweet selves were allowed to shine!

I had always heard, and agree, that the best pets are neutered males.

That being said, I placed a spayed female into a home. A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, home. A few years later they wanted another, and after talking to them, I placed a male pup in their home, with no agreement to neutered. They were in their 60's, he was a retired sheriff, and I live in farm country where a lot of older men don't like castrating any males they don't have to.
He LIKED the bullheadedness of the intact male, the obstinance, the 'I'm the king!!!' attitude. I was completely sure there would not be a problem, and there never was.

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