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I agree with the folks that said to stay with him and make the backyard fun and not force him to be by himself…I think he will work through it.

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When the Basenji National was in Colorado, I drove my 2 basenjis from Maine to upstate NY and the next day, my 2 basenjis joined 6 other and drove from NY to Colorado. This year they will go to the National in Seattle - so we'll be driving from Maine to Seattle. If we were to decide to fly instead of drive to Seattle, I would board my basenjis and not take them with. So, I say - drive. They slept most of the time, but certainly enjoyed their walks in National Parks and all sorts of new locations.

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You should check with Eldorado to see if they know of any upcoming hip clinics. It would be a lot cheaper…

And I have blood work done every year as part of my kids annual exams - for a baseline - and have their microchips scanned as well to make sure they are still readable.

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Jazzys Mom…I was thinking about you the other day and wondering how you, your kids and Jazz and Keoki were doing. I'm so sorry to read this - it is especially hard to lose her when you weren't expecting it (even in the throws of Fanconi). My heart goes out to you and your family. And I hope that Keoki makes the adjustment without too much trouble (I remember the stories and your photos of his various destroyed crates/beds.

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Michelle…I'm so sorry to read this - it sounds super stressful. I'm sure you've thought of this or tried this regarding the pilling, but what about pre-crushing the pills (to the point they are almost dust - I know she gets loads of pills daily so not easy) and mixing them in with baby food or the cream cheese. I know she has to have low protein, but maybe something like baby food that she doesn't normally get would be enough to entice her to actually eat the mixture. I'm sure you don't have lots of time to spend on doing that for every meal, but could you measure it out in advance and do enough for a week and make little packets to mix in with her food. That way, she isn't thinking that she is going to get pilled by your or your hubby every time she sees you.

I can't imagine the stress of having her being afraid as well as dealing with the pee of her and a baby at the same time. My heart goes out to you on this.

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Not to come off harsh, but your post in july about your new girl Nikita is quoted below - when you were talking about breeding her before you found out she was from a BYB and said that you would try to find a pedigreed puppy to start with instead. Sorry, but something doesn't add up about having to give her up because you lost your job (how do you do that when you are self-employed) and have plenty of savings. I know…none of my business, but you were the one that posted this...


I have a good savings already set aside for any emergency…whether it be pet or myself. I am also self employed so I am home all the time 🙂 So should I have to be around to care for a pup or mom or both I can be. My vet is always on call and I can call him any time of day as well as my sister who is right down the road from me. I appreciate all the info 🙂

I also agree with Chelsie that maybe you need to slow down on adding/switching dogs. You have the puppies from the beagle/basenji litter that you are responsible for for their entire lives. You have done a good job of taking them back when they have needed to be re-homed, but maybe slow down a bit until you are more settled.

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My boy Ozzy is Timar-Eldorado's Black Sabbath. I'm quite sure if I sent Ozzy's photo to the Osbournes, they would love it that he was named after Ozzy - especially considering how much they love their animals! In fact, personality wise, he is very much like Ozzy (from everything I've ever heard about him) - sweet & lovable.

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I know you said that you noticed this while he was running on the bricks by a pool - are the bricks in the sun? If so, is it possible that he is burning his pads because of a hot surface and that is why the skin is coming off - almost like a blister? Just a thought. I don't know if something like musher's secret (which I use in winter) might help soothe his paws - might be worth a try.

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Great photos and I love the new additions - good on you doing foster! BTW, I love that Ryan has a sand box on the ship…and I love that the basenjis share the sandbox with him. 😉 Very cute!

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Great that you are going to visit and seeing her basenjis first hand. That's one thing I admire about Jean - she is going to do what is best for her dogs and it is great that she is so straight forward - she wants it to work out for the dog and the person adopting. She may know of other breeders that have adults available - ask her when you visit with her - if you still think that basenjis are right for you. They aren't for everyone - my friends constantly ask me - you like these dogs why? hahaha

And just so you know and so you won't think it is uncommon, I have 3 that I would say would need a basenji experienced person, my 4th (which is Jean's boy, Ozzy), would probably be the perfect dog for anyone - he's almost an impostor because he is such an easy basenji - but I deserve him after my other three. 😉

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You might try contacting Jean Martin (Hounds of Timar) - she lives in upstate New York (Tully). I Have a basenji from her (Ozzy). Can't say enough good things about her as a breeder (and Ozzy's temperament) and she has some really nice dogs. She has done quite a bit of breeding with African Stock - my boy Oz is 1/3 Af. There are others on this forum that also have pups from her. She may have some adults/young adults (and I don't know if she is breeding a litter this year) available - don't know for sure. Her info is on the Basenji Club of America (BCOA) website ( Good luck in your search.

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I have 4 basenjis - they get fed in the range of 3/4 cup to 2.5 cups. My oldest girl (8yo) gets 3/4, the other girl (3yo) gets 1 cup. My oldest boy (8yo) gets 1.5 cups and my youngest boy (2yo) gets 2.5 cups (anything less and he looks like a rail). I feed Orijen, Instinct Duck and Honest Kitchen Zeal.

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Both of my girls came home with me after being spayed. No way I would leave them - especially unstaffed. I had one recently that I suspected had a blockage and because there was work being done on the clinic they said if I wasn't there by 5pm, she would have to stay unsupervised - I was there by 4pm, with a follow-up the next morning at 8am (45 minute drive each way). Never going to happen me leaving my pet without supervision…ever. Especially after trauma...

I agree about the E-Collar - waste of money. Neither of my girls tried to touch their incision - both were glued and not stitched.

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Yup - eeefarm is right - girls do it too. In fact, one of my girl actually lifts her leg to mark the boys pee, and my other girl's pee!

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Yup - Tanza is correct. I have allergies to two of mine and don't have allergies to the other two - and 3 of my 4 are related. Oh and they definitely shed! Pat's recommendation of taking a t-shirt or towel with you and then sleeping with it is a great idea.

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Vitamin E oil (available in super markets and health food stores) works the charm here in Maine in the winter time. I use it on my kidz dry skin.

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Like Arlene said, they are problem solvers and I have one in particular who knows how to open a door by turning the knob (paws on both sides)…and also knows whether to push or pull to get the door open. Needless to say, we deadbolt the door to the outside.

She knows how to open metal crate doors (used to let the other basenjis out so she would have playmates) - so we would use a caribiner to lock the crates. She and her sidekick Oz now have kennel aire crates which she can't open because of how their doors are constructed. And she can open the flip latch on the dog pen in the basement - so we clip that shut.

With the same girl, up until she was about 8 months old, she was also a climber (thankfully she has since stopped that, but I do always worry that given the right situation she might start up again).

I remember back to the time I thought how funny it was that she could figure all this I have to at least try to stay in step with her, she is watched like a hawk.

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I will say that I was told (by an ER MD doc and my vet) NOT to use ointment (neosporin, etc.) in a puncture wound. I've used both witch hazel (which is a pain free natural astringent - an alternative to betadine) and hydrogen peroxide for the puncture itself and then around the wound use neosporin. Once the wound has closed and the healing has started, then I use neosporin on the actual wound. The doctor told me that punctures can get infected if ointment is put in it.

Is the wound on his foot hot to the touch?

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We agree, you should make a complaint to the moderator. Since it appears to be against the rules to ask a simple question, we will make an inquiry to the moderator ourselves. We hope you do not object to our right to do that.

So when you contact the moderator are you also going to let them know that you were previously posting under the user name ComicDom1. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so…but just to be sure I've fired off an email to the owners of the forum. Oh...and doing the multiple username registration is against forum rules as well:

1. Reasons for ban
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Gee, thanks so much for the links! 🙂

Here is one that supplies links to a lot of articles on the subject:

Don't think there are any by Cesar Milan, but I haven't checked yet.

Whether or not one has a PHD, one can "adjust" the interpretations of data to suit one's argument. We are quite aware of that fact. Short of pulling up the original studies and analyzing the content, the easiest way to determine the validity is to have a look at all sides of the argument from varying points of view, and use what you find to guide you. From strictly the health perspective, not neutering at all would seem to be the best course of action for males, but that isn't a route most can take these days. (most of the literature out there seems to rely on the same study data, and as far as I can determine there are no large clinical studies in this area…...which is the only way to control for extraneous contributing factors).

We'll be having a busy day here. Cheers! 🙂

We think this is excellent. 🙂

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