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Hello all, thank you for the responses, we are still working on crate training and he is not there yet. But he is calming down each day that goes by, he is behaving like I would expect him to at this age. He is so cuddly and loving and is starting to get over his separation issues and is starting to be independent. Ran into an issue last week with him not wanting anything to do with his food but a little water to the food did the trick and he is back to normal. I am not sure If I can post pics but I hope I can. 0_1520494648957_4A71A825-3D48-4EC0-9A5A-69C4FCD3EACA.jpeg

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@debradownsouth I just realized I never responded to you! I am so sorry! I was going to name him something totally different but I ran across that name and fell in love! Oh and I do love sons of anarchy!

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