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My 9 1/2 year old is running Iron Hound this weekend along with another 9 1/2 year old. Both are in good condition and having a blast and are definately still competitive against the youngsters.

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I have both shipped and travelled to get a pup. The suitability of the pups to my household was never an issue with either. I was very honest and very descriptive about my household and expectations and the breeder who knows the pups the best, did a wonderful job of matching the puppy to my household. Even with people who live nearby and visit frequently, it is the breeder who selects the puppy for the person because they know them best and that behavior that seems "cute" in an hour visit may be the completely unlivable in your household on a daily basis.

Young basenji puppies can ride in a sherpa in the plane with you, they do not have to fly cargo. This is exactly how I brought my girl Rally home with me. She did great and had no ill effects from the trip.

Shipping a dog on the other hand requires it to fly cargo. This can be very stressful for some young puppies and others seem to take it in stride.

My preference is for people to pick up their puppies and fly them back in a sherpa with them.

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Debra, I know the math but I am going to side with the geneticist who has done genetic studies on this issue and shown that after 5 generations the genetic contribution is not significant.

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Debra, I am not talking traits, I am talking about total genetic material. After 5 generations from a single outcross event the result is not distinguishable at a GENETIC MATERIAL level from the original population. I am not talking phenotype here, I am speaking genotype. If you want to think that a 1/32 African has some sort of genetic diversity advantage over a full domestic, fine but that isn't what genetic studies support.

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Debra, that is not so. I attend many seminars given by well respected geneticists. One that I attended dealt exactly with gene preservation and loss and how much of a contribution a single outcross event would have. The scientific answer is after 5 generations a single outcross event is no longer genetically significant. This of course can be influenced by selection of traits though such as the crossing pointers to dalmations to have non-stoneformers. In 5 generations the dogs are once again dalmations genetically except for the preservation of the selected for trait of non-stone formation. The selective breeding to maintain the non-stone forming trait allows it to be preserved if there is no selection for a trait the genes are likely to be lost over generations.

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Being food motivated is a good thing. Rather than just feeding her meals out of bowl, put her to work for her food so you can start communicating to her what you want. If she moves away from you even if it is only a few inches toss her some kibble so she has to move even further away to get it. If she lies down somewhere other than your lap, toss to her kibble. Play Its Yer Choice with her,

Try a Stuffed Kong to help keep her occupied when you need to crate her or want her to "Go to Mat". If she unstuffs the Kong too quickly, freeze it for more of a challenge.

Kong Stuffing Recipe
Use a large bowl to mix everything up and stuff as many Kongs as you have.

Equal amounts of dry dog food and canned pumpkin
Warm water
1 to 3 spoonfuls of canned dog food

First, soak kibble in some warm water to soften up. Then mix in pumpkin and canned dog food it should be very thick. Use a small spoon to stuff the mixture into the big end of a kong. (If you like, you may squeeze the Kong and add a biscuit or baby carrot across the top to create a little more challenge.)

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The owner of the boy I used for my litter has had dogs of her breeding live to 20 years old. Most of her dogs live between 16-18 years.

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For those who have wondered about an adult basenji fitting into at sherpa, I have taken some pics of Rio and her sherpa.

Rio checking out the sherpa with her mom and sister

Rio looking for her "crate" treat

Rio getting in the sherpa

All in and zipped up

Don't wake me, I'm napping

Really, I think I'll just chill awhile in here


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