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Thank you all for the replies! As much as I'd like a dog right now, I think I agree with the timing issue. It sounds like Basenjis are quite a handful and I wouldn't be able to give it the life it deserves in my current situation. However, I am glad that I found a breed I look forward to owning and once I'm in a stable place I can make the move. I really appreciate the advice ladies and gentlemen!

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@tanza I'm in central Illinois! I tried finding breeders around me. There were only 3. Two had outdated websites and one didn't have a website at all.

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I've been looking for a little companion to take with me on my early journey and it was hard to find the right dog... until I found these little guys.

Their personality seems like it's similar to mine. Curious, athletic, and independent. However, I have a few things to contend with. While the exercise is going to be easy to manage, I don't want to come home to an apartment that has been destroyed. To be clear, I am looking for a puppy. I understand a lot of people strongly stand by adoption, and I'm not against it, but I want a puppy for my first dog. I want to grow up with her as I go into the next crucial years of my life.

This will be MY first dog. I had a dog as a kid (Puggle is still kickin with the parents) but if I'm being honest I didn't do much as far as care for him. Sure, I fed him, walked him, and picked up his business; but that's pretty much it.

I'm 24 and in college living with 3 other guys in a decent sized apartment (I was prior military so I'm better off than the average college lad financially. I felt like it was important to mention because I want to alleviate any concerns towards care, food, ect). I have a large room as well as a living room and large open kitchen. I will be going to law school after next year. This makes the decision harder but the desire stronger. I'd love to have a study buddy and Basenji's also sound like they're cool with doing their own thing sometimes, which is perfect.

So my first concern is leaving the dog alone at my place while I'm at class or in the gym. I need to be able to leave it here for let's say, 8 hours at a time to be safe. With proper training, could this be a possibility with a Basenji? Will it yodel all day long in my apartment and annoy the entire building? Will it chew through ever cord I have running along the floor? Can/should I crate her (I'd rather let her go free because I'd feel less bad about leaving her home)?

Second, I am allergic to dogs. When searching for a pup, this was my top priority. My puggle, when I was a kid, for instance, was fine as long as I didnt snuggle up to him. If I played with him or pet him all crazy I'd have a hard time breathing and I'd get hives if I didn't wash my hands and arms or take a shower right after. Zyrtech reliably negates my allergies but I don't want to live on it. Puggles, if you're unfamiliar, shed quite a bit and are considered pretty bad for allergies. However, I have spent time with a poodle something mix (a little rat dog, not my type haha) and had no issues whatsoever. I read that Basenji's clean themselves often and have short hair (Am I going to be listening to that moist lapping noise all night?) Which is great for people with allergies.

As long as the little fella isn't going to eat all my possessions, yell at my neighbors all day, or slam my respiratory system shut, I think we could be a great match.

I like that they're stubborn, curious, and energetic as well as territorial. People have to earn my trust and now I'd have a little guy giving strangers the stink eye with me! The more I read about Basenji's the more they remind me of myself, and I think that's a good thing. Thank you for taking the time to read this and all responses are greatly appreciated!

Edit: I'd also love breeder recommendations! I'm not sure what I'm looking for online and I'd rather ask than make a mistake. I just want a healthy pup, nothing crazy.

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