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Well, interesting thoughts and opinions here. First of all, that is a very handsome and obvious Basenji mix. Lots of Basenji DNA in that cutey. And the behaviors are pretty spot on. I have a 3/4 Basenji mix, a rescue, who is the most delightful dog ever, in life. I don't know her history (somewhere in Iowa) but I am forever thankful that she ultimately landed in our home.
It's a unique breed that is not far removed from its origins in Africa. I totally support the idea of sustaining the purity of the breed. But I suspect these many mixes are the result of escape accidents or ignorant irresponsible back-yard breeders. And those people are LEGION, across America, working with all breeds. But, you know, mixes are not a bad thing. I had the opportunity to engage with a Basenji group, and almost all of those dogs were grumpy grouchy and anti-social. My mix was the friendliest dog in the house. Izzy absolutely loves everything and everybody. Purity can have some drawbacks, and that's a fact.

BUT, whatever, I positively adore my Basenji mix, Izzy-Bella, smartest, funniest, best dog ever. Thank you, careless breeder/owner/whatever for
providing the opportunity for this little canine treasure to become part of our family.

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Izzy-Bella never initiates a genuine "roo," but she almost always responds to my
roos. And once she gets going, it is truly
sublime and quite hilarious. We should cut a record. She also more often does that "rarrrr" sound that somebody recently mentioned. It can be quite expressive and seems to be her version of communicating with The Dadster that it's time for a meal or a walk after that meal. It's pretty funny, and we know exactly what she wants. Then, after her peculiar noises, she runs laps through the house. This dog just turned ten, but acts more like a toddler than she did when she WAS a (rescued) 18-month old toddler.

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We have an almost-ten year old rescue Basenji mix (3/4 Basenji and 1/4 Min Pin) named Izzy-Bella. She is the singularly most delightful, funniest,
smartest, intuitive dog ever. She does baroo, but not spontaneously on her own. When she is kind of excited for whatever reason, I start my humanoid version of roos, and pretty soon she joins in. We make beautiful music together (Ha!!!!). Anyway, my point is that maybe if you initiate the rooing,
your B might respond.

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Good on you, Patty. I agree. The DNA tells the story. You simply cannot look
at a mixed breed and declare a conclusion.
Several years ago there was an article centering on visual recognition, particularly featuring possible pit bull heredity. There were about a dozen pictures of dogs who all looked like flat-out pit bulls. Almost all were not. So much varied DNA in these featured mixed breeds, and dogs with extreme pittie features had no pit bull DNA at all. Fascinating. Meaning probably in the other direction that some cute little guy like yours can contain Basenji DNA, whether the arrogant purist breeders like it or not. Basenjis are notorious escape artists. In a previous Basenji group that I belonged to, there were at least two rather notorious and egregious escapes. One involved a dog entrusted to a breeder for mating purposes. The dog escaped and was never recovered. Egregious irresponsibility. The other escaped during a family trip and was missing for weeks. Fortunately, it was recovered safe and sound, but who knows what sexual havoc it wrought during its adventure.
Let us know what the testing reveals. I hope there is Basenji in there somewhere.

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Wow, my Izzy-Bella would be so jealous. Squirrels and bunnies send her into mad-dog frenzy. Oh, to capture one of those pesky little vermin--sublime! She tries, but, alas, no luck.

Izzy loves Big Dogs. She is an unashamed little Ho. She tries to kiss their faces and their ears. It's frankly embarrassing.
She doesn't hate small dogs, as long as they like her. But she yearns for handsome manly Dwayne Johnsons of Big Dogs.

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Oh gosh, these are wonderful and too funny stories. Basenjis are just simply the "ne plus ultra" best.
My Izzy-Bella was pretty ornery early on, after being adopted at 18 months. She was a pip, destroying many minor items and one major item: the den window blinds and window sill. She was always "on point" high alert for squirrels in the back yard, and she hurled herself from the back of the couch into the windows.
Destruction ensued.
Over the years, she has mellowed, and destruction is confined to tissues, preferably used ones. I think tissues and other forms of paper are sort of a special food treat for Basenjis. Strange and weird, but it's Basenjis, who are the epitome of strange and weird. AND--THE
BEST. Why would you want a boring dog when you could have a Basenji??
Rooing: Izzy does a beautiful expressive Roo when I initiate it. It is truly sublime. (Hers, not mine). We are pursuing a record contract.

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I am pretty sure you can't just look at a mix and declare what it is. Scientific studies have debunked that over and over. Best to do a DNA test, in my opinion. I have a mix who was advertised as a Basenji Mix, and her DNA results confirmed it. If you just looked at her and made a judgement, it would be mixed: her color was all askew, her tail was half-curled, she was smaller and featured more slender face and feet than a pure-bred B.
But, apparently, the 1/4 Min Pin (the ONLY other DNA in her sample) contributed some significant traits. Behavior and personality wise, Basenji rules the day. Again, I recommend a DNA test, and they improve by the day.
What is this other B identity thing that is mentioned in this thread? Is it also a DNA test, or something else?
Oh, and hey, your baby is way cute!

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Gosh, Basenjis. Possibly the "ne plus ultra" of dogs. We co-habit with (ha! More like daily defer to) a 10- year old 3/4 Basenji rescue named Izzy-Bella from a shelter in Iowa. Ten years old, really? Does she know she is a senior dog citizen?? Nope, no way no how. True, the early toddler pre-teen destruction genes have largely subsided, and escape artistry has dissipated, due to highly focused parental restraints; but the basic demented Basenji-ness still flourishes. For which we are thankful, as she makes us laugh at and love her every single day.
Well, maybe not when she still pees in totally inappropriate places. My oriental bedroom rug is NOT a Congolese forest floor, Izzy. You get massive numbers of walkies every single day, so what's up? And do not even TRY to blame the cat. Trevor is a saint. Well, except maybe when he throws up breakfast every other day. . .
I love animals. Do goldfish have bad habits??

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