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@linda50 good tips you are all very helpful thanks.

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Thanks for the responses I've been to BRaT several times in fact its one of the first websites I ended up at when I began researching Basenjis in the summer. Usually they have older dogs though which makes me a little nervous. I'd honestly prefer a dog no older than 5 years old. So we can have a lot more time with him/her in the family. The Good bad, and Ugly section is a god place to direct people to begin the weeding out of potential owners who may not be as ready as they think they are with the breed.
I never saw Zande Basenjis before but this is the most comprehensive list of why I, or any new owner isn't ready. Thanks again for the tips. I'll keep searching.

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Hello all,

I'm looking to adopt, or buy a Basenji. I'm in Philadelphia and after doing almost a year of research am ready to try and find one for my son and I to raise. I honestly am not sure what questions owners would have but here's a run down of our situation.
We aren't directly in the city but more the suburb area.
We have a plenty of parks wooded areas to exercise and play (5 min walk to large parks). Our apartment is large enough for indoor space and some play.
My son is 10, and while I work the our future pet would have either my neighbors or my flex schedule to allow for mid day walks / attention.
I would prefer a younger Basenji so we hopefully have more years to love her/him.

Thank you for taking a moment to read this, and hope to hear back soon.

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