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I'm in the same boat. I pick up my B this Saturday and will be feeding him a raw diet. I too have done hours and hours of research, consulted my vet, and will be going with wefeedraw. I receive my monthly shipment tomorrow. We will see how it goes.
Be careful with bones and a puppy. The milk teeth might be an issue. I'll be smashing and grinding to ensure he can eat it for the first couple of months.

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Hello there. I was curious to know what type of food did you feed your dog prior to what you are feeding now. I would avoid dry kibble. Try placing your dog on a raw diet. (Meat and uncooked bones) along with very little fiber.
Nowadays, it's difficult to trust the pet food industry. More and more dogs and cats are getting sick due to contaminates in dry dog food.
Again best of luck.

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I agree. Feed'em raw! Meat and bones!

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When feeding raw diet, keep your Basenji in their crate, if you use a crate. That will keep him/her from making a mess throughout the house. Sanitize the crate when you are finished.......I'll never feed any of my dogs kibble ever again. Watch the documentary Petfooled!

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