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Thank you so much for your answers! I’m reassured. I’ll see tomorrow if this pattern continue and we’ll check if it’s an infection.

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Hi, we got a new puppy, she's 4 months old now. She always peed 4 maybe 5 times a day, somethimes in house, sometimes outside when we can't take her out in the right times. Today we noticed she started peeing A LOT apparently with no reason. She went 5 times in a couple of hours. She doesn't have any other symptoms. She has appetite, actually she's always been very voraciuos with food.

She is also been testet for Fanconi and she's clear. Can Fanconi "appear"? Should we test her again?

Thank you everybody and sorry for my english.

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Hi, I have Benji, he's almost 2 years old.

He is a very good dog, he's lovely at home, with kids & strangers. He started growling and lunging some time ago when he sees some other dogs, mostly male. I know it's a common behavior but the problem is that one time when I tried to pull it away from the dog he wanted to "attack" he bit me pretty hard. It happened two times with me and one with my dad. It happens only when he sees a dog that he "hates" particularly.

What should I do? Thanks in advance.

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Hi everybody
My puppy, Benji, it's just 4 months old and sometimes, when he's particularly excited, usually after a walk/run outside, he tries to hump me. I tried to ignore him at first with no success, so I started "punishing" him by closing him alone in a room for 30 seconds/1minute maximum and I think this is working.
Is there anything else I could do? Is it a normal behavior at such a young age?

Sorry for my English, it's not my native language. I hope I've been clear.

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these are the results I foud on What do you think? Is it a problem that Blitzen is a Carrier for PRA?

0_1489424216001_blitzen.png 0_1489424223994_zahleka.png 0_1489424231843_sabisabi.png

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@tanza Hi tanza,


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@tanza thank you so much for your answer. Sorry if I didn't use the right terminology by the way. I'll keep you updated on what are we gonna do with these puppies. However, if we do take one, should we do the DNA testing anyway? What about the hips displasia? Is there a test for it too?

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sorry guys, they actually have just the same father.

These are the dogs:
female: Backy LO1326310 ( father: LO138514 - JASIRI-SUKARI BUCKING THE TRIND, mother LO1129801 ARLETTE)


the pedigree also states that Dolli Amber and Jasiri Bukari has been "italian and international champion of beauty" and Arlette has been "italian champions of beauty"

I spoke ith the previous owner and he said they have no diseases. He said also that the fact they share the same father shouldn't be a problem.
The pedigree info can be found also on the italian site that is the official national institution of cinofilia.

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the pedigree states that the mother and the father of the puppies are actually brother and sister. That's not good, right? Consanguinity can lead to diseases more frequently?

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He sent me the pedigrees, can i post the pictures here?

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first of all thank you to all of you for the answers,
I'm asking the guy to send me the pedigrees, and I'll ask if the dogs have been tested for Fanconi and PRA. I'm in Italy by the way.

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Hi everybody,
it's my first post on the forum, I hope the post fits here and that I'm not doing anything wrong. Also I'm sorry for my English but it's not my first language.

I found a private selling Basenji's puppies online, pretty near from where I live, so I contacted him and the puppies will be born in January. He says the mother and the father have no health issues.
Here are some photos, what do you guys think? Thank you so much

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