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A Basenji puppy? You might need drugs before you need a vet! LOL

Sorry I can't help you. I know a few Basenji owners near Phoenix but they're more in the Glendale and Sedona areas, which is a long way from where you are.

My own view is that a Basenji is a dog before they're a Basenji, so a good vet is better than a vet who has seen more Basenjis. Plus most vets likely don't see that many Basenjis because they're not that many around.

For the routine issues -- eating rugs and having diarrhea -- this board is likely a good resource. Some posters here have a ton of experience with Basenjis and know what they're talking about.

Good luck with your new bundle!

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I like this one. it doesn't have crossbars so it's hard to climb. Plus you can use it if you want to keep your pup in a room. You can also make it smaller if you want with just one panel on a side.

Crates are the only foolproof enclosure. We had a pup who I caught climbing a gate to get out of the kitchen. Since we wanted to discourage climbing, I gave her a squirt from a water bottle (fate worse than death), told her "no", and then picked her up and put her back in the kitchen. She looked at me, went over to a cardboard box she was using as a toy (boxes make great toys), pushed it over to the gate, jumped on top of it, jumped over the gate, and then gave me a rather questioning look, as if to say "How about this?". I was laughing so hard it was all I could do to pick her up and put her back in the kitchen. The point being that Basenjis are awfully good at figuring out things on their own, and they have a lot of time on their hands to do that. You on the other hand have other things to do. Not a fair contest. So I'd agree that your lucite pen isn't going to pose a huge problem for a determined Basenji, unless it has a top.

But note this is for a "determined" Basenji. If they aren't motivated to get out of the pen, then they'll be fine.

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Such a handsome boy. Love the pictures. Especially the second one with the front paws in the air. Very cute.

And yes, Basenjis like cat towers:0_1554926850401_P3230399 copy.jpg

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With respect to his eating, if you're concerned he's not eating, and at this age you are right to be, get a scale and weigh him once a day AT THE SAME TIME (before the first meal for example). If you have a good scale you can weight yourself, pick him up, and then weigh the two of you, but his weight is such that a separate baby/pet scale would be much much better. He should still be putting on weight at a pretty good rate. IOW he should weigh more on Wednesday than on Monday. (You like to see an increase every day but measurements can be off because of you, the equipment, or the active dog, or natural variance -- or all of the above. The two day measurement should be more reliable).

As long as he's gaining weight and looking good then you should be fine. If not then you may have a problem. FWIW from the picture he's adorable and looks healthy. Super cute actually.

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@zande said in New puppy, suddenly peeing a lot.:

This morning it worked ! RAIN is actually falling from the sky. Mku is not amused. I am not going outdoors in THAT - I'll DROWN. Mom, have mercy !!

But out he goes ! Mom is totally heartless -

You are heartless! A regular Cruella de Vil.

Better be careful or Mku will have a lawyer and a list of grievances. Happened to a friend of ours. They had a friend (who is a lawyer) stay in their place and watch their dog when they left town for a few weeks. When they got back they were handed two official looking documents: The first was "A List of Grievances"; the second was A List of Demands. Both were very detailed (and funny).


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Sorry your pup is having this problem. I'm sure it's upsetting.

A question and an observation. The observation is that, if the anal glands are becoming impacted from chronic loose stool, the issue wouldn't be the anal glands. It would be the loose stool. What does your vet say about the loose stool?

The question relates to symptoms. What problems do you see arising from the anal glands?

We had a female Basenji who had to have emergency surgery for an impacted anal gland. She did fine with the canned pumpkin to the extent that she never had the issue again. Just to be sure we're on the same page, as I'm sure you know, the canned pumpkin sold for pie making isn't what we want. (I mention this because some grocery stores only sell the canned pumpkin for pies).

I believe that repeated anal gland expression is a route to impacted anal glands.

At six months I'd wait before doing anything drastic, especially since the cause of the loose stools is unknown.

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I'm thinking he's working you for more things he Iikes. I'd be more concerned but for your note about his recent stay at your grandmas'. Yes that can happen. Easy test would be to put out the "junk food". If it's an actual problem he won't be tempted. If he snarfs it down that's a good indication he's striking for "better" food. LOL If that's the case you just have to wait him out.

In my experience pizza and ice cream are tempting junk food.

That said, sometimes old and ailing Basenjis will eat food like pizza.

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As mentioned, her vulva should be swollen. This is usually hard to miss. The diarrhea might be something else. Or not. Like Debra, I've never heard or experienced this but I have limited experience.

I always feel for them during the first heat. They're still really a puppy, It's all new and confusing, and there are so many hormones to deal with. Sort of like the teenage years on steroids.

You may have this all worked out, but if she's in the house you may want to get a doggie diaper and some wee wee pads. That's worked well for us. Hardly perfect and she'll probably not like it at all, but it's better than stains. As vicyuv mentioned, she will likely urinate more frequently. That lays down the "come hither" scent, so you might want to take her away from the house.

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@basenji_life said in New puppy owner Questions:

@dagodingo Thank you! 🙂 I'm looking forward to the good AND the bad! Hehe 😆

So brave!!!! It's not that the puppy will be bad, it's just that they'll be a puppy. And sometimes that means they will do exactly what you don't want them to. Sometimes a sense of humor is required. And some fencing. And a crate. LOL

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You probably didn't expect this type of tough love but:

  1. Neutering does not change behavior; and
  2. Training changes behavior.

There isn't any magic. Change is hard for dogs as well as people.

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Just personal but Akila Grace seems elegant and quite wonderful. Gets all of my votes.

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So terrible. I'd love to offer some words that would be comforting but this just completely sucks. It's like getting punched in the mouth. All I can offer is a heartfelt "Truly sorry for you loss".

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I think it's great you're getting a new pup. Congratulations.

I think the best advice I could give would be to make sure you have a crate and some good fencing. You can usually find good crates. For fencing I like this: It may seem (insanely) expensive but it works wells, having a gate is a huge deal, and it's a lot cheaper than having to toss out a chewed up rug, carpet, wall hanging, camera, etc. Best to start out with a small area and then gradually increase it. If you need outdoor fencing this works and is pretty inexpensive: You can put several together and fence off a patio or part of a backyard .

The other advice would be to emphasize that bribery with treats is a good thing, not a felony! They work great to elicit the behavior you want. You can also take them when on walks and have strangers who want to pet the pup turn into a "trusted food source". In this regard, this book is a fun (terrifying?) read.

The final advice would be to not push when you got your pup. They learn a lot of manners between 8 and 12 weeks. If you're close to the breeder I'd try and take them him back a few times so they have some continuity. Hard for these little guys to have been raised with a pack and then to be all alone. Plus it might give your pup a chance to work off some energy. Socialization is important so any chance you get to have them interact with other dogs and new people are great.

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Such a handsome boy! He's sure to get many Basenji girls hearts racing. LOL

The reflected light from the snow also gives a great nice soft light. Makes for nice photos. Snow pics would be fun but no snow here for the last few hundred years.

Thanks for posting.

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Really glad to hear Max is doing better. I'd love to have a good answer but I'm not sure I have one. Losing Jimmy no doubt sucked for you and it sucked for Max. It will probably take some time for everyone to get over the loss. Unfortunately I don't think there is a magic answer. Empathy for all of you.

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I also think he looks/acts younger than 2 1/2 but who knows. LOL Looks like everyone is having a lot of fun. He's a cutie!

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So cute. And there is nothing better than a yodel when you get home!

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I have to say that just reading the headline my initial thought was: "no, a Basenji is not for you". But Shar Pei's are, IMO, not the easiest dogs to deal with. Plus you have something of a pet menagerie, the maintenance of which requires no small amount of pet skills. So my guess is that you would be fine.

The great thing is that if you get an older dog from a reliable breeder you will have a very good idea of what you're getting. Puppies are more hit and miss in that it's hard to tell at 12 weeks how they'll turn out. So if you can find a Basenji which has the right personality you might have a good situation, enjoyable for both you and the dog.

My only question would be the cats and birds. Put crudely, Basenjis are killers. That would be something to consider.

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Looks more MinPin to me but that's likely wrong. A DNA test would give you a better idea. They're not expensive and easy to do, so I'd suggest trying that out.

Regardless of the outcome, cute pup!

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It takes all kinds. I've heard of humans who like Basenjis! LOL

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