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I know of one movie with a Basenji. It was called "Goodbye My Lady" I think, the time period would have been right. I do not know the star.

I just watched the movie Goodbye my Lady a few days ago, the older man was Walter Brennen and do not know the boy's name. That Basenji girl was a very good actress! Wonder how long it took to find a Basenji that would take instruction and commands? For instance to have her 'point' at the birds in a 'play bow' and stay like that to get it on film!!! If anyone never saw this movie, it is very worth while to watch and the book is a good read too!!!

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@eeeefarm So sorry to read about Perry. Knowing you only via this forum, I just know that he had a beautiful time while he was with you and your husband in his time. Just like Debra said, one will find her or his way to you when the time is right. Peace to you at this time, never is easy but gets gentler with time....

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