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Ohhh that sounds terrible! I am glad you found her. Three days is a long time to wait and wonder.

I am pretty sure Zorro would do it again. Even if he is happy to be home and is pretty cuddly (never is usually), I know he would bolt at any chance he would get.

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Ohh that must have been horrible to lose your horse for three days! It came back?
I never thought I would ever feel that horrible. I was always scared something would happen to him. But when you are actually in that situation, the rush of different emotions is overwhelming!
I am glad he is safe as well. I don't know what I would have done without him!
He is now acting like nothing happened… Wondering why I have to put cream on his paws. Hahaha
I realized how much he was a part of me when I sat down to read a book and he automatically came to his spot between my legs and fell asleep. I felt such a rush of love for him! 🙂

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I haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share my last few days with you.

Zorro turned three years old last december. It has been a crazy couple of years with him, but I wouldn't change him for anything in the world. He may be a monster, but he is my monster 🙂 !

I decided to move to the Netherlands last year and obviously did so with my little man! We got here in November and moved in with my boyfriend. The first month was a little tough for him, but he enjoys not having the snow and cold of Canada (he is a bit of a wimp).

So, we decided to visit my boyfriend's mother for the week and brought the beast with us. He usually spends his time there terrorizing the cat and relaxing on the couch. On Wednesday, my boyfriend was at work, so his mother and I decided to go to the beach with Zorro. She opened the door as I was putting my coat on and Zorro ran out (she didn't know I hadn't put his leash on). So I ran out after him and he was being his usual jerkface self and was checking behind to make sure I was running after him. He then turned on a busy street and stopped in front of a lady who was walking her two dogs. I was sure I could catch him then but as I got closer, the bigger dog scared him and he ran right into the street. Two cars were coming from each direction and as they braked I heard him scream. I got so scared, but saw him run away even faster. Unfortunately, we lost sight of him.

We spent the rest of the day running around in the neighbourhood trying to find him. My boyfriend even came home from work for a few hours to help in the search. We asked everywhere and called the animal ambulance but no one had found him. Eventually, around 8:30pm (he had been gone over 5 hours), we were so exhausted from running and crying, we went back home and my boyfriend went back to work. We were going to wait for news and start our search again the next day.

Everyone told me to relax, that no news was good news… I was losing my mind. I kept going back out... In my head, he was gone... I would never see my little monster again. Around 1am my boyfriend's mother went to bed but I decided to sleep downstairs on the couch in case he came back and scratched at the door. My boyfriend and his mom thought it was silly... I thought I wasn't going to sleep anyway, so why not?

At around 5:30am, I was finally starting to fall asleep but something weird happened. The cat, who was sleeping next to me the whole time starting running around and meowing next to my face... Seeing as she was going to prevent me from sleeping, I sat back up and started watching a show on Netflix. A few minutes later, I hear the faintest scratch. I was sure I was imagining it but I went to check out the window anyway... And I SAW HIM... But I thought it was too good to be true, my mind was playing tricks on me. I ran to the door and when I opened, he wasn't there... I looked down the street and there he was!!! I called him back and he ran like crazy!! He got in a started crying in my arms, I was crying too. I went to wake my boyfriend's mother and she thought I was joking but he jumped on the bed and started licking her face.

We went back downstairs to make sure he wasn't too hurt. He wasn't hurting anywhere on his body but had bloody back feet and his little cushions were cut. But after licking his feet, the first thing he did was try to get under a blanket and passed out.

A few hours later, when my boyfriend got home, we went to the vet and had him checked. No broken bones or bad injuries. She cleaned his paws really well and put some antibiotic cream on them. As usual, Zorro was being the drama queen he is a cried like crazy in my arms. She gave me more cream and pain killers and we went home.

He spent the rest of the day sleeping and cuddling us (never does that). And today he is sitting in the sun like he usually does and looks happier than ever! And so am I... I have never felt so relieved in my life. I had cats that would be outside for more than a few hours... But this is something else!!!! I never thought I would feel so miserable. All I can see when I think about this nightmare is seeing him out the window... I smile every time. My little fox came home!!!

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Thanks 🙂
I thought I may have been worrying too much!! I will look into all the ways I can dog proof the windows! I should be replacing them this year, so I will go for a safe animal proof window!! hehe 😃

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It was great!!! 😃

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That's what I thought of doing, like a piece of plexiglass high enough so he can't get to the screen. Thanks 🙂

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Well, we came back last month… When my mother brought Zorro to us, he seemed at first to not understand what was going on... But then he understood and was very excited! He picked up a few bad habits at her place but quickly realized he was back home with us and was back to the old Zorro!
It was so hard to leave him for so long, but I got regular updates and skype aswel! (which seemed to depress him as he ran around for hours trying to find us after)... I am so glad to be back home with him!!

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Hello!! I have a question regarding windows. We live on the third floor in a condo and have fairly large windows. When we got the condo last year, we couldn't leave them opened because there were no screens and I was unsure if my cats or my B, Zorro, would try to jump out. So this summer, we have decided to get new screens and install them. Problem is, I am a little worried about Zorro. Every time we open the window he stares out and even tried to scratch the screen. The windows are very low (about 2-3 feet from the ground) so it is possible for him to jump up on the window sil.

I was wondering, if he saw something interesting outside, would he try to jump out the window? or does he realize how high up we are?

Thanks 🙂

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We are leaving next monday!! I took Zorro to the vet today to make sure he is doing great, have his nails clipped and buy enough food for six weeks! I am geting so nervous about my trip and leaving him.

I actually had a little change of plans, my friend was supposed to take care of him for the whole time but now he will only have him for three weeks and my mother will take him the rest of the time. She is retired and has a big garden so he will not be spending so much time in his crate. (also get long walks and be treated like a king haha)

I made sure I would get a few updates a week and skype dates with my Zorro!! Hope everything goes well! I'll let you know how it goes and if I survive being away from him for so long!! haha

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Zorro could have many problems. Please do get him evaluated.

I understand how you would be worried about him yelping when doing something. Thing is, Zorro doesn't always yelp when jumping off beds, couches, etc. It only happens when he is running on and off them in one of his frenzies. He has absolutely no problems doing anything else. He is a puppy and tends to overdo it sometimes. I normally get him checked whenever he has a small problem. But in this case, I do think it is the way he jumps off that is the problem.

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Zorro also does that. He runs around like crazy jumping on and off furniture and sometimes he will yelp and limp around for ten seconds. Once that drama is over, he starts his B500 again. We don't worry too much about it because he doesn't always yelp.
Like Isis, he is ok with stairs, walking and running. I think its because of the way he jumps and doesn't land like he should.
It may not be anything to worry about since she seems to keep on playing and it doesn't happen all the time. But I may be wrong!!

When she yawns, does it seem to hurt her? Or she just makes that weird Basenji yawning sound? Because Zorro does a weird noise when he yawns! But if it hurts her, maybe that would be a reason to go see the vet.

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Thanks to all of you for reassuring me, I thought I was starting to go crazy haha!! 🙂
Since the trip was something we have wanted to go on for a while now we aren't going to back out!! Zorro's babysitter reassured me that he will send weekly updates (or more) and he will treat him well! He is one of my closes friends so I am sure I can count on him.
It may be harder than I think to separate from Zorro at first because I am not going to be working one month prior to our trip!! So we will be joint a the hip before I leave!! I am just going to make it worse haha.

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I thought I could handle six weeks away from him, but I am not even gone and I can't handle it!! haha
But of course once I am there it will go by so fast and I will be back a lot faster than I thought!!

Zorro hardly ever baroos but when he does we get so excited!! Going away will be worth it just to hear him howl when we get back!! 🙂

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Hehe thanks 🙂

I know he will remember me and probably sulk like the cats will to let me know it was not cool to leave them at home. But there is always this little crazy part of me that worries! 🙂 I am sure I will be allowed to hear a little baroo Zorro saves for special occasions!!

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This post is probably not about what you may think…

I have had my Zorro for almost a year now, his birthday was in december (like most Bs). He has completely changed my life, in a good way for the most part.

The part I am actually surprised about is that he has overcome separation (somewhat) but I can't get over mine. It seems the more time I spend with my little beastie, the more I hate being away from him. Not when I go to work or class, but for longer periods of time.

In the last year, I have traveled twice. I left for a week to go to a wedding, leaving him with my boyfriend. And the second time, I left for two weeks and left him with my mother. I had only had him for a little over a month when I left the first time and he was driving me crazy 🙂 so that was like a little vacation from him. But the second time, I was quite upset to leave him for two weeks and ecstatic to see him again.

Thing is, my boyfriend and I are leaving for six weeks on a trip we have been planning for a while now. Pretty much my dream adventure. But Zorro unfortunately has to stay home and guard the fort. He will be home with a friend of mine and my cats.
I know he will remember me when I get back. Besides being a pissed off little man because I left him, he will be happy we are home.
I just realized that I won't see him for six weeks and it upset me a lot more than I thought it would. My better half thinks its pretty funny and, lets face it, it is a little... But I will miss my mischievous little ball of energy!

I hope I am not the only crazy one here... hahaha

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Awww mine sleeps under my blankets in bed and now that it is getting colder outside he has been sitting next to heaters. I had to buy him a sweater since he was shivering for about 2-3 days!! I will have to take a picture once if he sits beside my fire place!!

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I think Zorro would try to protect me. My boyfriend once came home a bit early and I was reading in my bedroom with Zorro. I was startled because he let out a little bark when he heard the door open (I hadn't). When I opened the door to the bedroom I screamed because I saw my boyfriend in front of the door. We both started laughing but when he went to pet Zorro, he growled at him and showed his teeth until I petted him and told him it was ok. We got the dog together so my boyfriend is his "dad", I think he wanted to protect me because I was startled.
I like to think he would protect me!! But you never know!

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The thundershirt does work! My B would be completely nuts in his crate when we would leave him at home. Even after all the crate training we tried, even trying to leave him in the bathroom with a gate at the door. No matter what he would freak out and even hurt himself a couple of times! I got him the thundershirt and got him used to wearing it when he was at home so he wouldn't associate it to his crate. It worked wonders! I can now put him in his crate without it and he is calmer (I say this because he will cry for a little while when I leave). Good luck with your Basenji girl!! 😃

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Uzie had some bite marks on his neck , though not puncture marks as your baby did. The hair did grow back but it took a about 8weeks. That Boston mix sure has to learn bite inhibition! Zorro was too nice not to teach him a lesson!

I am actually quite surprised he didn't teach her a lesson!! She tried eating in his food bowl and eating his bone, Zorro went nuts. He growled at her and tried biting her! But when she bugged him he just let her do it!

But I am glad to say he has healed nicely! The whole scabbing process was quite disgusting as he would scratch them and eat what would fall off. He does have little bald spots on his neck (haha) but it is growing back nicely!
Thank you all for your help!! I would have rushed to the vet for nothing! I cleaned his bite marks well and he did all the rest on his own!

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A wash and some peroxide should do him well. If you cleaned the woods then he should heal nicely. Word to to the wise though- basenjis are slow to heal…with Oakley, any scab takes months for hair to grow back..I always notice!

Zorro's scabs have been falling off… And he is missing patches of hair!! So now all I can see on his neck are pinkish bald spots amongst his hair! It's quite funny actually!! But I may not enjoy the long process of hair growing back... I would probably always notice too!!

As for cleaning the wound, I don't actually have any peroxide in the house. I usually clean his (or my cat's) wounds with soapy water. But it hasn't happened a lot. This is the first time I have had to deal with something with puss.

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