VACCINE SEMINAR Drs. W. Jean Dodds & Ronald Schultz

**San Diego Pet Vaccination Seminar with Drs. W. Jean Dodds and Ronald Schultz

A vaccine seminar will be held in San Diego, California on March 28, 2010, and world-renowned veterinary vaccine research scientists, Drs. W. Jean Dodds and Ronald Schultz, will be the featured speakers at this all-day event. More information on the seminar can be found at .

**New Website Design & Facebook Page

The Rabies Challenge Fund website has been completely redesigned and important vaccine data for pet owners has been added. The RCF has also joined the Facebook community , where vaccine data is posted under "Discussions."****

Drs. W. Jean Dodds and Ronald Schultz Vaccine Seminar March 28th in San Diego, CA to benefit The Rabies Challenge Fund has just been certified to give 6 CCPDT Continuing Education Units to dog trainers. Learn more at .

DVD of The 2010 Safer Pet Vaccination Seminar is available . Edited by event organizer, Jan Rasmusen, this 1 hour 59 minute DVD contains the live presentation by W. Jean Dodds, DVM. Included is the 2010 Q & A session with Dr. Dodds and vaccine scientist Ronald D. Schultz, PhD, plus footage from the 2009 NE Rabies Challenge Fund Benefit Seminar and audio interview with Dr. Dodds about canine thyroid disease. The DVD comes with a 57-page Program Guide with articles by Dodds and Schultz, plus a year's free subscription to Dogs Naturally Magazine on-line.

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