RABIES LAWS– Mississippi and South Carolina

  • Based on several questions I've recently received, it appears that dog owners in South Carolina and Mississippi are under the mistaken impression that their animals are required to have annual rabies vaccinations. Links to the respective laws are below.

    MISSISSIPPI Rabies Laws http://www.mbah.state.ms.us/disease_programs/rabies/ms_rabies_laws.htm

    Dogs and Cats**
    All dogs and cats shall be vaccinated against rabies at three months of age, revaccinated one year later and every three years thereafter, using a rabies vaccine approved as providing a 3-year immunity.

    SOUTH CAROLINA Rabies Control Title 47 http://www.scstatehouse.gov/code/t47c005.htm

    SECTION 47-5-60. Inoculation of pets; certificates and tags.

    A pet owner must have his pet inoculated against rabies at a frequency to provide continuous protection of the pet from rabies using a vaccine approved by the department and licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Evidence of rabies inoculation is a certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian.

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