My Besenji Kong

This is Kong as a pup

This is Kong now that hes 10 months old

WoW !!!! Beautiful Boy you have.

I love his name. Thorn (tri) who is born in England has a litter sister who lives in Canada.

handsome dog. what is his papered name? with a name like kong i was expecting some gigantic dog 🙂

Amazing how those {adorable} goofy looking pups turn into such majestic dogs!

As much as I would like to say he had a papered name, I can't. He's just Kong 🙂 He's from a breeder who I would never buy from again. When I got him he had baddly swolen legs and maybe you can see the scars in the pics, he had and still does have problems with sores opening in his ears.

What a dashing/handsome boy you have. He is a beauty. Thanks for sharing pics.

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