• I cannot find that option

  • @fernrn1 I'm not sure what happened that has upset you. Perhaps you would be willing to discuss it privately (in the chat room)?

    The closest thing I can offer to deleting your account is:

    • Click on your profile picture in the upper right of the page, under your name, select the setting "Invisible"

    • Click on your profile picture in the upper right of the page, (again) and click on the "settings" option (near the bottom of the drop down menu).
      -- Scroll down your settings page to the "Email" section, click on the option under "Subscribe to Digest" and select "off". This eliminates any communication via email, if you want to take it a step further....
      -- Scroll further down the same page to the "Notifications & Sounds" section anc change the settings for each item to either "None", or "No sound"

  • Wasnt upset, my dog does look more like the Shiba, and was going to join a Shiba group. Everyone here seems very nice a have made wonderful comments.

  • @fernrn1 The only way to know what type of ancestry Woody has, is to do one of those DNA tests. We have had new users post pictures that are dead on for a Basenji, only to find out that the DNA test said "no Basenji at all". There just isn't any other way to be certain.

    Shiba Inu does seem more likely because they are a prominent breed in Asia. But, Basenji's were transported to Egypt as presents for the Pharohs... so it's not unlikely that there could be Basenji somewhere in her bloodline. Personally, I think I see the tail of a Collie on her. 😉 It doesn't really matter.

    The most important thing is that she's the right dog for you.
    Congrats on getting her into your home.

  • There are basenjis in China. In fact enough to be banned in one city. But as you pointed out, only a dna will give a good idea. Whatever the breed, you have a wonderful pet. I hope you visit to share stories. Dogs are dogs and share many attributes.

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