Katie!! (is only destructive to dial-up)

  • Hey everyone, I'm really new here actually. First post and I registered just a few days ago without a basenji. 🙂

    Where she's from…

    I just drove down to Duluth after purchasing her from a breeder named Kenrick Lamascus in Humble, TX which I've seen mentioned on the forums in some places. While I agree he might not be the greatest choice, and considered a BYB by most, he was pretty much my only option for a puppy and I couldn't resist how cute Katie "Fe B" was. 😛 He was definitely concerned for her well being, and after spending $250 in vet fees/tests/vaccines before returning to Canada I was assured she was the healthiest, calmest pup they've seen in a while.

    Katie is very affectionate and calm. She prefers sleeping under my bed covers with me over her crate and won't leave my sight. If I go somewhere she can't get to, she'll pee. >< After that she kind of sits there waiting for me to return. She absolutely loves my parents yellow lab, but gets no love back from him. 😞 So far, she hasn't bothered destroying anything except the zipper that keeps her food bag sealed. (Performatrin Ultra Grain Free).
    She doesn't destroy my computer mouse, but she does like to pull the cord and make it come off the desk, then she pushes it around and pounces on it. At least she's having fun!
    Surprisingly, she has no interest in any treats so it's been really tricky trying to train her with no positive reinforcements. A little spoon of cottage cheese seems to be the closest thing I can get to a preference over her dog food.

    Here's us leaving the DLH airport!

    She was so so terrified at first, but calmed down a lot after 5 hours and 20 or so circles around the hotel I stayed at, haha.

    On the way home…
    Pringles can pillow! I had my brother drive for a while so I could keep her comfy and give her a break from the crate. Puppy sleep is so cute!

    Now it's my turn to drive! Two tired kids in the passenger seat together, haha.

    We finally made it home safely after taking pee stops every 40 minutes or so. Boy can she ever sleep long and hard.
    The next day she seemed to start feeling safe with us, so I went over to my neighbours place with her and another neighbour brought their 5 month old bulldog. The bulldog got her in a playing mood after some time and they played for hours chasing each other and bopping each other on the heads (Katie with her paws, Molly with her head lol….) so now she has a great friend nearby to play with!
    She finally quit playing and just wanted to nap on me, so I let her sleep. I need to make a video next time she plays!
    Oh, no matter how tired or energetic she is, 10 strokes down the back while on the lap or in my arms and she's out. I can move her anywhere from there.
    Kenrick told me about how she liked to be wrapped in towels and it's confirmed, she'll sleep in any position with a towel wrapped around her. 😛

    I needed a new background picture for my phone (and forums!), so….

    Okay, so nap time at my place (again, again, again, jeeze puppies sleep a lot) - oh this cushion moves? I must fill the gap!

    My parents yellow lab Tanner came by my store to hang out with Katie, but he is too big and lazy to play with her, but she will follow him around everywhere! She'll make whiney noises begging him to play with her but he does nothing. 😞

    YAAAAAAWN, boring dog!! 🙂

    The leash and martingale collar are made for an adult basenjis size, so it might look a bit silly for now but it certainly fits okay. They were made by Northwind Designs - I'm glad how they turned out aesthetically, but now that I've had some time with them I think I'll find a more suitable and comfortable pure nylon snap collar. The design that's sewed on keeps catching her fur and is fraying all over the place since she dragged her leash through pee. Woops.

  • Katie is adorable! We just adopted a 5 month old tri color girl too, named Lucy. The expressions they can make with their color coded little faces are so precious! 🙂

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