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First, she is adorable. Beautiful, even! The curly tail, to me, looks straight off of a shiba inu -- similar in size, also a primitive an ancient breed with curly tails, but are much bushier compared to the tightly rolled tail and short hair coat of basenjis. The traits you mentioned seem more like a shiba to me, too, with the pouncing esp., but there are many more experienced breeders/owners on here that may have a different take. Regardless, it's pretty obvious Parker is a really amazing, special dog. Thanks for sharing her!

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I wouldn't bother with the extreme. Our two Bs still use both the puppy kongs and classic Kongs without any problems (although they do chew up/destroy other things). We also have both medium and large and find they both work well, depending on how much food/how many treats we want to give them.

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If our dogs got covered in mud or slobbered on in the dog park, we just rinse them off if at all possible; when shampoo is needed we've had luck with an all-natural oatmeal shampoo that is designed for both cats and dogs (an absolute necessity, if you ask me, because of the way our Bs groom themselves; only-ok-for-dogs shampoo will likely have things we don't want them ingesting). Our dogs sleep in our bed with us, so we're pretty sensitive to their level of cleanliness. Even at that, they need an actual bath in the range of once every 3-4 months. Every 4-5 weeks is WAY TOO often for basenjis.

One of our Bs tends towards dry skin, too, so we give her the occasional spoonful of coconut oil to EAT, or even a pat of butter. In our experience, ingesting a bit of fat does wonders for her skin dryness; adding anything to the outside doesn't work for us. Healthy fats, depending on what she's willing to eat, should help a lot.

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