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numbers in the middle are your bs levels
numbers to the right show the ranges for from low to high for example his t3 level is 0.73
normal ranges from 0.90 to 2.10 thus one arrow down next to the normal range
dr dodds levels for basenjiis is as follows
t4 1.15 - 2.60
free t4 0.70 - 1.70
t4ft4 ratio 1.25-1.75
t3 30-70
free t3 1.6 - 3.5
tgaa under 10

the note at the bottom says the t3 is suggestive of a non thyroidal disease
you should check that out

you should start doing some research, get informed, figure this stuff out
because one thing ive learned over the last year dealing with cushings
is you cant count on your vet to steer you the right way

hope this helps you 🙂

else over the last year ive

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