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Hi Everyone,

Lenny, my 11 year old male brindle has had a couple of accidents in his crate during the day. This has never happened in the 11 years I've had him, and he has not ever peed in the house outside of his crate. It's happened probably 3 times in the last month or so, so not THAT frequent, but it's definitely a change from his normal "camel-like" behavior. He had the Fanconi test done years ago which came back that he was a carrier, so I believe it is not possible for him to start showing symptoms? I'm not positive about that though. I have an appointment with a vet recommended to me that specializes in kidney issues, but couldn't get an appointment for a month. I don't think it's a UTI because when he does pee, he empties his whole bladder - not the typical small amounts here and there that we see with UTIs. Maybe it's just his old age? He still seems to like his crate - goes in there when we are home to get a little quiet time from our kids (lol). And we feed him in there. He doesn't have a problem holding his pee overnight or at other times during the day. We've just come home from work to find his crate wet and him upset a few times. Anyone else have this happen with an older basenji?

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Well here we are again! I posted a couple years ago about the random seizure Lenny had while were on vacation, never found a cause for it (nor has it happened again, thankfully) but that ER visit led us to a diagnosis of stage 2 renal failure. I have been cooking for him for the last 2 years.... up until the shelter in place started and things got crazy with home schooling and remote working and all other parts of life. Then I found a low protein kibble that he liked and spruced it up with some pasta/rice and veggies and other goodies to keep him excited about his food, always added a lot of water and fish oil tablets and Vitamin B supplement. Took him to the vet recently and seems he has advanced to stage 3 renal disease. The vet recommended a Royal Canin prescription renal diet. I gave it a try... it's been a week and I swear it's terrible for him. He's an oldie at almost 15 years old.... before the switch to Royal Canin he did sleep a lot, as these older guys do, but when he was awake he was still pretty solid on his feet - despite having vision and hearing problems. He would trot around the house and sniff things and search for dropped food, occasionally steal something off the table... you know, typical Basenji stuff. I tried out the Royal Canin food and I feel like it was killing him. He suddenly couldn't walk straight... he was super wobbly and disoriented all the time. It seemed like his legs were going to give out on him and he'd have a hard time even circling to lay down. Enough of that! I sat down and reformulated his nutritional needs based on his latest bloodwork and urine results from the spreadsheet from the K9KidneyDiet yahoo group and created a couple recipes for him that balanced his protein/phosphorus/calories/calcium. I have fed him 2 of these new home cooked meals so far and he's back to normal Lenny! What on earth is in that Royal Canin that was making him seem so out of it??!?!?!?!?! No more!

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