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Tammen Basenjis is in Glen Burnie

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Thank you all for your input. I was becoming increasingly worried about having a Basenji because of so many stories describing something that didn't even sound like a dog. More like I would be inviting a Tasmanian Devil into my house that would be completely foreign to home behavior. As if I caught a wild coyote and released it into my house.
I met a sweet little 2 yr old neutered male on Wednesday that seemed playful yet mellow compared to the ballistic nature of the Jack's I have had. I'm not fooled by the sweetness and realize he could be difficult but he just didn't seem like the crazed wild animal some if the stories have described. I think I will try to make him happy in our house and try to increase his time outside if his crate yet still keep him used to it if it becomes necessary. Hopefully Basenji's love long hikes and car rides. I guess we'll see.

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@kembe can you post a pic of the poop station you describe. I would really like to build one for my guy😊

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