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Oh, hahahahahah, not censored!! Now I know "penis" is safe. Oh wait, that doesn't sound right…better quit while I'm ahead 🙂

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Thank you all for the information. Re: Perna (Green Lipped Mussel) Debra, it appears you can buy it in the powder form without the added Omegas….

Freeze-dried Perna mussel powder contains the amino acids glutamine and methionine, vitamins E and C, and minerals zinc, copper, and manganese. 6 The preparation Seatone is a freeze-dried, concentrated powder of Perna lipid extract, while Lyprinol is a stabilized, super-critical fluid extract preparation containing the omega-3 essential fatty acids eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids (link: scroll down to "chemistry")

Ty's symptoms don't suggest back injury or arthritis. He continues to curl to sleep, then do the Basenji sprawl in the middle of the night to take up the entire bed (sheesh nothing ever changes!!! :). He still does a complete nose over back to inspect and lick the offending orifice after an especially offensive doggie fart. Raises the awkward leg high to clean his daddy bits (was gonna say penis but thought I'd get censored)

All fingers and paws crossed that this is nothing more than just old age and not neurological. Thank you again for all your posts/suggestions


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Just an update…Ty is holding his own, as a matter of fact doing a little better I think. I increased the Omega 3's (per a wildlife nutritionist) and changed to specifically Salmon Omegas.

I also asked about "Satin Balls" for weight gain or when our oldies/under the weather dogs were in need of extra calories and about his cataracts. Here's what she said......

Oh dear no, I wouldn't recommend that mix. It could cause everything from allergic reactions to diarrhea to metabolic bone disease. I'd suggest adding some cat food to his diet, so that it is about 1/2 dogfood, 1/2 cat food. Wellness Core would be good. Give him a tablespoon of full fat yogurt/day with that (goat yogurt if you can find it, plain, unsweetened.. or if you can't find that, plain unsweetened full fat cows milk yogurt). You could also simmer, low heat until just cooked, some chicken thigh and give him little chunks of that. You'd need to add a bit of calcium to it. Per small-medium chicken thigh (bone and skin removed): cut a calcium tablet (600mg strength) into 6 pieces. Crush one piece to fine powder and mix it well with the chicken pieces.
That should help with his weight and boost his immune system. If you mix a tablespoon of defrosted frozen, or fresh, chopped blueberries in with his food it might help his eyes, as will the extra Taurine in the cat food and in the chicken thigh.

Hope this information may help someone in the future.

Thank you 'senji forum for being here when ever I need you, and ty long time forum friends for all the input. You ground me and make feel not so "nutso" and crazy about my dogs. 🙂 Especially about my old boy, Ty.

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Thanks all….I hadn't considered a spinal x-ray due to the fact that he goes up and down stairs just fine and has no trouble running and still plays with Katie. It's more like missteps when he goes from a walk to a trot, like his gait in the back doesn't match his gate in the front so his back end wobbles. It's hard to explain. Yes, he's had a full vet check. Blood panels remain within normal ranges and pretty much match his base line done a few years ago. We're at a "wait and watch" this week but I thought I'd check in here and see if anyone had additional suggestions.

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My Tyler will be 14 in December.
In the last 3-4 months his cataracts have become a concern. However, his short (near) sight vision seems to be the minor problem. He has in the last 3 weeks aquired a small anomaly out of the blue…His back end no longer seems coordinated with his front end. Mild stroke has been ruled out. Vestibular, not the same symptions. He stumbles more often on slick surfaces, so we have put down rugs. He's still stumbling, always in the rear end.

Oh, he all of a sudden thinks he has to poop in the house, no pee, just poop. He asks to go out to pee, then randomly poops on the carpet


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Yodel, you are spot on in your response… Erika said that PAWS Chicago is a wonderful facility. As a matter of fact, Erika found this lovely Basenji lady because she not only visits Paws off and on, but she has her employment application on file for PAWS.

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Ty Nemo for the response. I will call tomorrow and ask about chip scanning. Can you advise me about chip migration,( ie..product name and typical path of migration??) so I can respectfully ask them to scan again.

Nemo, no info on history, but I have a gut feeling it was a surrender. I'll call my daughter and see if she knows.

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What a wonderful series Kipawa (Barb). Thank you for sharing. You sure have a handsome man.

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Hi Sharron, that's my hopes as well.

Debra, I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. Should I have contacted BRAT myself instead of posting here?

Thanks, Dawn

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Hi all!! Just wanted BRAT to know there is a 2 year old B/W Basenji female at PAWS Chicago. My daughter just visited with her and said she's a real laid back little cutie. I don't have any other information other than the shelter folks said there may be an adoption pending but they're unsure if it will work out.

Here's the link…

Wish I could get her but my Tyler is 13 and slowing down a bit now and I'm sure a youngster in the house might just tip the balance against him since my Katie (9years old) already rules the roost.

Maybe someone in the Chicago BRAT grapevine can give a call and check on this little lady.

Thanks!! Dawn

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What a wonderful story, west coast. Thank you for all you did to reunite Charlie with his family.

Now I'm just in a dither wondering about Kathy's Miss Raley. What's the rest of the story there 🙂

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. Run free and happy Blaze. (((Hugs)))

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What a great story! Thank you for sharing it.

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Now I lay me down to sleep
six inches of the bed I keep
the 2 basenji's sprawl a lot
I think I'll just go buy a cot :rolleyes:

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Happy Birthday Ryan. Hope you had a wonderful time!!

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So sorry to hear this. May your final days with Blaze be full of wonderful memories. My prayers to you.

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Thank you so much. That helps a lot.

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Anne, how tall-big is Eddie and what size did you order? Have held off ordering since I didn't know how they fit. My Kate is short and volumptious. Ty is tall and of "normal" weight, what ever that is 🙂 Are they warm enough for an elder that only goes in the snow or rain when necessary?

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Sharon, I was hoping the light color would be re-introduced. Isn't her color lost in the current gene pool? She such a lovely young 'un. Sorry to lose her in the pool.

But you sure have your self a cutie!!

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