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Nosey also known as:
Snuggle Bunny
Stinkin' Wieny
Baby Boy
and many more…....

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I don't think they ever grow out of getting into things. We stopped putting decorations on the bottom of the trees. Finally we did away with the trees all together. lol:D

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How did Nosey get his name? I've got a nosey one too but her name is Abbey. She thinks everything is her business!

When my hubby and I picked him up and got him in the car to head home, I made the comment, "you sure are an inquisitive little guy, real nosey". Hence, his name became, Anna's Mr. Inquisitive, or Nosey, for short.

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Nosey and his Daddy last Christmas


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I only give Nosey a bath about 3 or 4 times a year. First, I must put on my Basenji bath time gear, (shorts and tank top). Then,I have to persuade him to come in to the bathroom with a treat. Then I hurry up and close the door. Then I have to pick him up and put him into the tub. Now, he will not let go of me. He hangs on to me for his dear life. I fill him with praises and fun time sounds the whole time. But, it never changes his mind about bath time. He just hates the water. But, manages to jump off of the boat and into the lake once every summer.

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🙂 Hi, thank you all for your warm welcome. Just to ease your minds, yes, they do stop chewing. He does, however, still steal socks.

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🙂 Good Morning, I'd like to introduce Nosey my friend and myself, Anna. Nosey is 4 years old. HELLO!!!!

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