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Hello, I’m new to this group and a new Basenji owner (2 days).
I adopted a 14 week old basenji female (we named Roo). My fiancé and I have both had family dogs previously but never had our own. We live in a condo, he works full time, I work part time and am in college (though I won’t be going back for a few months due to quarantine).
Overall, Roo has been an angel! She has been sleeping in her crate at night without a peep (only wakes up once to use the bathroom) she is in our room with us and let’s us know when she needs to go.
I have put her in her crate during the day (just while I’m showering and can’t watch her) and she screams and pees. How do I make this a more positive experience when we are gone? Unfortunately I can’t leave her to scream as we live in a condo with neighbors. I put a Kong in with her but she’s not very food motivated. I also feed her in the crate and give treats there tons of praise for going in alone.
Today, I tried leaving her (to take out trash and help a neighbor briefly) while she was on the couch and she didn’t even move!
Are your young basenjis destructive when left alone? How did crate training go?
Any tips in general?
Thank you! I really wanna do everything I can to make her life amazing. I love this dog so much. Roo

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I want her crate trained for her own safety when she gets spayed or needs anything medically done. If she’s trust worthy I have no problem letting her roam the house.
She’s been doing well potty training, most times we make it outside or she goes on her wee pads. She hasn’t been doing much inappropriate chewing and when she does I redirect her attention with a toy so hopefully she learns what is ok to chew on.
My concern is the condo has regulations on barking and dog noise 😕 I can bring her to a family members house and do some training but I’m not sure it would have the desired effect at our place.

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