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Welcome! We too have a Zorro! It's very fitting as he is the "masked bandit." We had so many of the same issues as you do when Z was a pup. He climbed over the gates when we left him in the kitchen and would be waiting patiently for us on the couch. We tried crating him but found that he was not house destructive. We just let him have reign of the house and it worked out fine for us. I can't really help you with the cat situation. Does she have enough high places to retreat to where Zorro can't get to her?
I think there are plenty of folks on the forum that have cohabiting Bs and cats, perhaps they will weigh in?
We recently added another basenji to our home and it's working out so well. Zorro is so happy to have someone to play with!
Best of luck and congrats!

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Very cute!! We live over in Cole Valley and have spotted quite a few B's in the Castro/Corona Heights lately!

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We are lucky to have never had serious damage to our furniture. Our dogs like to destuff EVERY animal and take out all the squeekers. It's funny, the incision they make to get the fluff out is ALWAYS at the throat. Very instinctive dogs, they are. We also have to keep the door to the bathroom closed or else we'd come home to a TP'd apartment!

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I agree with everyone else. Your pup should go out to pee in the earrrrllly morning, around 1 or so? We let our boy sleep in our bed when we became comfortable knowing he wouldn't pee in bed at around 5 months. We took him home at 14 weeks. He now would like to sleep in until 9 am everyday but our new girl wakes him up around 7. Good luck!

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Very interesting! Zorro's tip (just 1/2 centimeter) looks like the end of a rats tail. However, the hair has completely covered it so it is totally unnoticeable unless you push back his hairs. Thanks Pat for the words of wisdom!

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Our boy has a "naked" tip as well. I think it's pretty natural and probably nothing to be concerned about! Our girl has a "normal" tip though. I'm sure some of the veteran folks on here will give you better information shortly!

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Sounds like some type of dermatitis. Does it look dry? Maybe add olive or fish oil to her diet.
Regarding the "growl" it most definitely sounds like the beginnings of a happy baroo or yodel. Both our dogs do this when we come home. Queen Zola is just trying to tell you how happy she is too see you!!!

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Well, we've already fallen in love even if she is actually in a "blue funk" 🙂
I think having two young Bs in the house is actually better because they keep each other company. I find myself getting more work done! It also helps that we have a big backyard as Hobbes' parents do not. They have plenty of space to go wild!

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Well, we have had Billie here for a week and have fallen in L.O.V.E. She is a doll. Uber sweet and affectionate and Zorro adores her. They snuggle like they were meant for each other! It's funny, a few months ago she was taken home by Zorro's brother's parents and they gave her back to Pat as they described her as "wild, hard to manage and…WILD!" She has not shown any of these signs and I take it that she knows she's found her forever home and her new best friend, Zorro. Just happy to have her!!!
We also decided not to co-own and will not show her. One day we'd like to try lure coursing! Too bad we will be in Tahoe during the trial in March.
Thanks again to everyone for their input and advise! I've put up some new photos on my profile of the two lovers.

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Hehe, she's a monkey for sure! Our boy climbed over a 5 ft baby gate at 6 months and we had no idea how. Wish we had a spycam! Good looking dogs!

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Oh you've captured your family very well. Everyone looks so happy!

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1. Separation anxiety. We didn't have much with Zorro when we got him. We took him home at 5 months and worked with him by shutting the front door for a second, then opening it and giving him a treat. Then we worked up to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. to where he knew we were coming home and not leaving him forever. We also had lots of toys: kong, antler, stuffed animals to distract him while we were gone. We crated him for the first month while we were gone for longer periods (3-5 hours) and once we were comfortable with him we let him have full reign of the apt. Obviously, he destroyed a few things, like paper left out, pens, recycling, etc. but it was our fault for not putting it away. I think because you are getting a puppy, it will be easier to train him/her whereas working with a rescue dog, sometimes you don't know their psycho-social history so training can be more difficult. Just be sure to spend lots of time with him/her and socialize early! They are so much work, but worth it.

2. I agree with Kruzner and eeeefarm. Keep the bunny in a cage and always monitor their interactions. Basenjis are hunting animals and have a very high prey drive.

3. Ha, we tried to have Zorro sleep in his crate next to our bed for the first week. It was good because he made a lot of noise when he had to go out to pee but then we succumbed to his utter cuteness and let him sleep on the bed. He still woke us up when he had to pee. Now he sleeps under the covers 😉 and is one of the pack.
Once your bf adjusts to the pup, he'll probably give in too. It's hard to say no… especially on cold nights.
And to comment on eeeefarm's observation of amorous encounters...yes, it is true. Boys want to watch. We have to close the door and give him a stuffed kong because it reallllly puts a dampener on your love life 😉

4. We have a boy and while he somewhat aloof and does not go up to anybody and wag his tail, he is very affectionate with us. He wants to be leaning on us when we are on the couch, follows us wherever we go, and licks and licks us. He is very attached. On the other hand, we know an older b boy who wags and baroos for just about everybody. All the girls I know are bossy but very outgoing and affectionate. I think that as long as the breeder is reputable and tests her dogs and you socialize them at a young age, either sex would be loving.

5. We live in a one bedroom apt in San Francisco and it's no problem. We have a big backyard but it's two floors down but we rarely use it, just when friend's dogs come over and have loads of energy to exert. We take him out once in the morning to pee/poop. At noon, we go to one of the many dog parks in our area for an hour or more. I walk him at that time 2-3 days during the week and have a dog walker the other days when I can't or my bf can't. Around 5, he goes out for an hour. Finally, he gets one last walk to go pee before bed. This works out really well for us. Honestly, the longest we've left him alone has been 7 hours. I feel uncomfortable leaving him with a full bladder and I KNOW he'll get into trouble if he's bored.

Good luck!!! If you have more questions, please ask away!

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EEEEEK! They are uber cute!!! Always wanted a B&W. Congrats!

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I think that Black and White boy was co-bred by me and Pat F. I have a black boy named Ringo that lives in the city and I think he may yodel on command, I know he is talkative as is his sister who lives with me. He is half Avongara and out of my girl Rally. His niece Mila, a tri, also lives in the city. She was bred by Arlene.

Yes! Now I remember his owner, Michael, mentioning your name Lisa. Ringo is super sweet and loves to show off his vocal skills. He is truly an exemplary basenji. We see him a couple times a week with his dog walker at Ft. Funston or with his owner in our neighborhood parks.
We also know Mila very well. We met her and Martin a couple months ago. Mila is a lucky girl because he dotes over her and spoilers her too! She is skilled at teasing Zorro enough until he finally chases her, much to her delight.

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Hey there,
We have another Z to add to the group! Zorro and us slaves live in SF. Let us know if you have a meet up. Maybe could do one at Ft. Funston in the city. I have lots of friends that come up from Santa Clara with their dogs on the weekends to romp around the Fort.

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I am pretty sure that I have met Billie, what is her registered name? I think that Pat had her at our BCONC puppy match and I was the judge. She was a cute little puppy. You should try coursing. Most all of Pat's Basenjis are good coursing dogs.

The only think that is a bit hard with co-owning and then them being gone for shows, breeding or whelping, is when they are gone, your Zorro would be the "home alone" dog. So sometimes they miss their house mates. But of course always best to talk that over with Pat. When you talk to her, tell her I said HI!

I'm not sure what her registered name is? Something like Billie Jean? Her dad was Jackson (CH Arubmec's Hi-Jacked SC) and he sired 5 pups so they were the "Jackson Five." All her siblings are named after Michael Jackson songs.
Coursing looks like so much fun! I know nothing about it but I'm sure Z would be excellent at it. He's fast and has a pretty high prey drive.
I'm emailing with Pat, trying to figure out what will happen when we take her home and she wants to show her, etc. Maybe if she just finishes her championships then we will have for her spayed? Not really sure. How long does it take to finish a championship? I am so green behind the ears in coursing, showing, breeding, etc. so I hope it doesn't come off as being anything but curious!
Thanks again for all your advice and information.

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I co-own both of my B's with my breeder. I have only ever had to leave her at the breeders once, when she was bred and had puppies, then I picked her and other puppy up after that. It was hard to get used to at first but I knew it was coming and was prepared. I showed both of my B's to their championships though, so it would be a little different if she or someone else would be showing your dog. Dog showing can be very fun! Would you be interested in getting into it? I am sure the breeder would show you what to do and then you could show Billie and not be away from her so much?

I am not sure I'm prepared to show dogs 🙂 I am a nurse and will work every other weekend. It might be too much for me but I am always willing to try something once! I am talking over our options with her breeder, and yes, I'm sure she would love to show me the ropes. We will wait a couple of weeks to take her home as she just came into "season" last night! I was perplexed that Zorro was humping her on Sunday because he is usually the one being dominated 😉 I guess we now know why. Thanks for the warm welcome and advice!

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Hi there! Of course I remember your Bow-dogs. How are they? We just ran into Hobbes at Pt. Isabel the other week. Hope all is well!

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Hi Dan,
Thanks for the welcome! We go to Fort Funston all the time! Usually see Ringo, a B&W boy there who yodels on command!

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