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Hey guys, just curious about something that happens maybe once a month.

My 2.5 yr old tends to clean himself like any other basenji, but some mornings I wake up to the sound of him overly licking his areas. Then 5min later he's barfing almost like a cat barfing up a hairball. Sometimes it's yellow bile, other times it's kibble. It is summer so paws are probably rough even though we keep them pretty clean and protected. Most times he's back to normal by end of day eating normally.

Any experiences with a barfing basenji?

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Hey everyone. A while back I had posted that my 2 year old basenji Hunter had been diagnosed with idiopathic seizures back in december, after having 2 seizures last year. Just recently had one about a month ago and had gone a whole 7 months without having one. This has started a pattern since the first two were roughly seven months apart.

That being said we found some studies and trials done by the British journal of Nutrition back in 2016 on Keto Diets reducing seizure activity in dogs, including purebreds, mix breeds that experience seizures from idiopathic to epilepsy. You can read it here.

They used Nestle Purina Pet Care Food that had 28%crude protein and 15% crude fat (*they didn't name a specific brand). Now switching kibble is fine and all, but my boy has yet to be prescribed any phenobarbital or potassium bromide to control them. Also, I don't like that it is for life once they are on it and very concerned about his quality of life if he were to start taking them.

That being said I'm wondering if anyone out there has tried such a diet on their dogs and or if you are doing things to combat seizure in your basenji too? Also, is there a support group for basenjis with seizures? or maybe a dog group in general?


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Thanks for the advice debra, I appreciate it.
I did just that on saturday night and made sure not to give him any reason to be worried. Took everything in me to remain calm and talk normally, while keeping my distance.

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Waiting to hear back from my vet at the moment for a booking.

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Hey guys,

My almost 2 year old just had seizure last night. We aren't sure of the causes. He has comfy home, good food, and good dog friends to play with in our neighbourhood. We think it might have been stress or over excitement from the day he had with us going out. He was napping with us in bed when all of a sudden he started to convulse and twitch. We think he was dreaming about chasing or running. This quickly turned into his body freezing up, his eyes very dilated, all while a bit of drool came out. A second later he looked up at me and screamed a high pitched, shrill and loud, then fell off the bed somehow and proceeded to put himself in a corner. It took me about 20-25 minutes to calm him down, but all while he would bark at me anytime I spoke to him. I could see he was confused, frightened, and panicked. He lost a bit of bowel function and bladder control too. After managing to calm him down he walked around the apartment a bit, and finally came back to me. Sunday came around and he seemed almost back to normal, but he has shown more energy, alertness, and heightened sensitivity to seeing/ smelling dogs and squirrels. We are going to keep monitoring him, but will take him to the vet this week to run tests again. He has had one seizure previously back in april/may of this year, but last time his blood work all checked out and he was fine.

Anyone else have these issues? So hard to see him go through that.

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he was 8 weeks old, and he's from Africanadian Basenjis in Ottawa, Ontario owned by Sanda Allen.

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Hey I joined this forum a while back in January when I first got him as a puppy and man has he grown from that little guy I picked up from the breeder. Check out all his picks here 🙂


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