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Hey I joined this forum a while back in January when I first got him as a puppy and man has he grown from that little guy I picked up from the breeder. Check out all his picks here 🙂


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Thanks for the advice debra, I appreciate it.
I did just that on saturday night and made sure not to give him any reason to be worried. Took everything in me to remain calm and talk normally, while keeping my distance.

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Hey guys, just curious about something that happens maybe once a month.

My 2.5 yr old tends to clean himself like any other basenji, but some mornings I wake up to the sound of him overly licking his areas. Then 5min later he's barfing almost like a cat barfing up a hairball. Sometimes it's yellow bile, other times it's kibble. It is summer so paws are probably rough even though we keep them pretty clean and protected. Most times he's back to normal by end of day eating normally.

Any experiences with a barfing basenji?

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