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Thank you all for your comments, yes, her ears are super prominent, aren't they? @JENGOSMonkey, for a week when she was new, her right ear was bending and I stopped touching those soft ears completely. So glad they grew straight up after 🙂 .
She is Ruby, affectionately called Rubix Cube.
She came to us from the rescue as an Australian Cattle Dog Red Heeler. She has a lot of characteristics of the ACD - nipping, biting, high energy, very close to one person in the family. But, she has smoother hair, a very sleek profile, without the stocky, sturdy build of an ACD. The furrowed brow is what got me thinking of a Basenji in her mix, and the coloring - mostly red/tan, white around the nose, white paws and the white tail tip, though no curl to it. She has a regular bark, but she doesn't bark a lot. She does not like to cuddle. Looking up dogs that ate anything brought me back to Basenjis. She is a compulsive cloth and rope toy chewer/swallower and super destroyer of soft toys. She keeps taking the stuffing out of any bedding she gets and proceeds to eat the cloth. Though she was between 3 & 4 months old when we adopted her, young enough I thought to get along with our cat, she never considered him as anything but a prey ☹ . Basenjis are shorter than ACDs, so her being taller than the average ACD is another part of her mix that is a mystery. She doesn't have any of the other quirkiness associated with Basenjis.
I have a couple more pictures of her profile:1_1602554437022_20201012_161004 (Small).jpg 0_1602554437019_20201012_143508 (Small).jpg

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My dog a rescue from Alabama was given with a specific breed identity as her main part of the mix. She is 42 lbs at 7 months old and is quite energetic and super fast when she runs in the backyard. However, there are some features that look Basenji like and she is mistaken for one, but her coloring and a lot of characteristics are from her dominant breed. I may send for her testing but wanted to check if anyone can see a Basenji in her picture.

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