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I'm Micah and I want my 7 month old basenji to meet "his people" I'm located in Long Beach. We have a great grass top dog park in Eldorado Park. Anyone in the local area want to meet up for basenji play time?

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@giza1 Thank you for your advice. I'll make it more of a big celebration when he goes in the right place.

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My 9 week old puppy came from the breeder litter box trained. It's convenient, and I keep it in the house. The problem is I dont think my puppy is learning to "hold it" for longer while he is inside a home.

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Yes, I take him outside as soon as I see him heading toward the box. I want to be able to keep it because I'm gone for work in the evenings. Unfortunately, I'm at a loss for what is the greater option (litter box or outside potty only) since I'm a first time dog owner.

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