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I ordered an Embark DNA test last night, and it just shipped! I just had to ask because I am so curious, and it could take months to receive the DNA analysis. I will be sure to share an update once I get back the results.

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@jengosmonkey well she definitely barks when she hears people outside. She also whines and squeaks. Playing with her has been interesting because she seems interested in far more exercise than was recommended for a chihuahua. Sometimes it feels like I am training a future assassin...

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Hi All!

I'd love some help in determining whether Mango is part Besenji. I had never even heard of the breed, but my vet is convinced Mango is a Besenji mix. I was shocked! I have been treating her like a chihuahua this whole time. She loves to chase things and stands on hind legs often. She barks sometimes and makes weird squeaky noises. She is a 16-week old, 5.62 pound rescue originally found in Stockton, California. Any help would be so appreciated! Thanks very much in advance.


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