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Thank you so much for all your kind words and sharing your own stories. Gosh it makes a difference to actually FEEL you are not alone. Minke remains subdued but is responding well to new situations and lots of grooming. We are beginning to forge something new as we move forward.

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Thank you very useful article

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Thank you all for your useful tips. Through this trial and error process I have found that crating them has been very helpful. I guess it is there safe place.

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Last night my basenji boy, Tikka was killed on the road. I was out walking him and his sister basenji when he escaped and ran onto the road. The humans in our household are utterly bereft - he was a wonderful little being and so much part of our family. Our girl, Minke keeps looking for him or retreating to her crate, at other times she seems restless and unable to settle. There are a lot of smells around the house to remind her of her brother. I am taking her for long walks along the beach - a perfect landscape for tears and reflection. If you have any suggestions I would be most grateful. In the meantime, fellow basenji lovers be so careful about busy roads!

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I’m so sorry to hear of Pogi’s death. Like you I’m remembering all the wonderful things about Tikka that made him so special to me - how he would cock his head to one side when listening, how he put his head on my knee and look up at me with his brown eyes and lick my legs when I got out of the shower... so many good memories - love and sadness at the same time.

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