• I recommend anyone whose dog is "probably affected" or diagnosed with Fanconi to make contact with Dr. Gonto.

    I got in touch with him via email earlier this week,and he is already proving to be
    incredibly helpful.

    As you know from previous posts, he answered all of my questions on 'pre-treating' the Probably Affected dog; He sent me to Amazon.com for the cheapest test strips – 100 strips for under $18.00 : search for Chemstrips uGK urine test strips for glucose and ketones.

    Also sent me a letter to forward to my veterinarian, with various links and his personal contact info, so the vet can study up and get info BEFORE Jazz is ever even diagnosed.

    You can find his email at the bottom of this info. page. http://www.basenjicompanions.org/health/fanconi/gonto.html

  • that is great information that you posted….

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