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Yes, we really do. (Have a very sweet dog.) He KNEW we were “quality” because he left the breeder willingly, LET ME PICK HIM UP, and place him in the kennel to drive home, 8 months ago. He’s never attempted to bite, and I’ve bathed him and even brushed his teeth! He’s simply the first dog that’s ever growled at me, PEROID, and it’s been a shock! When he HAD HIS SAY after we returned from a trip, I chuckled inside. He’s just so VOCAL, and it’s new to me. I guess I’ll count my blessings and LOVE my funny boy, growls and all.❤🐕 Thanks everyone!

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Yes, he DOES have a happy growl! When he is getting his food or a treat. The growling that concerns me is related to resource guarding-personal space and when he’s resting. I HAVE LEARNED to leave him alone. It’s just so foreign to me beacausr B #1 was such a love bug. Ziggy really is a wonderful dog-he MINDS me, and is not destructive-he gets OFF the furniture when asked and gets in his crate willingly. He’s just “aloof” and I know this is common. He got returned to the breeder after 2 years-poor guy. I have no idea what he did-perhaps growling! We left for a week, and did I get an EARFUL when I returned! He seemed to be cursing me for leaving him!!! Thanks for the comments-they are greatly appreciated!

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I rescued my new B 8 months ago. I have read all the posts about growling and I know how to avoid situations that make him growl. He is three years old and did NOT have an easy time of it in his first home. I am an experienced B owner - my first boy lived 15 years. QUESTION: have any of you experienced the growling DISAPPEARING after consistent management/time with the new family/tolerance/unconditional love? My first B NEVER growled, so this is behavior that is unfamiliar. I would just like to hear a story about OVERCOMING the growling behavior. Many thanks. Leslie Anne

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