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We both thank everyone for continued input and encouragement!

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Thanks guys, im much more confident that I’m on the right path with him thanks to all your input.

We had a vaccine visit yesterday and this vet thinks based on tooth detention he may actually be closer to only 14 weeks which would mean he was separated from momma as young as 4 weeks which realy sucks...(but also means we have a bigger socilization window) and he was scared but even the vet said given how obviously scared he was he did very bite, no growl, no bristling, and he commented that he realy was showing a lot of trust in me, a lot of checking in/watching me and as we stood talking he sat/lay quietly watching rather than trying to bolt or hide.

We’ve definatly got a way to go but I’m sure he can overcome all of this.

Outside his problems only kick in once he hears something that spooks him, he’ll go out without a problem, even play in the’s just if he hears something that is a sudden change of attitude...
If we’re going out for a walk he’ll go out without an issue walk a little spook a little walk a little spook a little...
Loud sounds again or if he sees a person reals spooks him though...

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Took in a youngster who’s been bounced through a couple of homes (I’m his 3rd at only 16weeks) and has recived NO socilization

Good news is as far as problems go there’s no resource guarding and he wants to please if the motivation is there
And 75% of the time he’s great
In the house he’s generally well behaved curious playful and inquisitive, no chewing or agressive tendencies ect

Bad news is the other 25% of the time a switch flips and he’s a terrified cowering hiding mess...
This switch seems to flip when my other dogs bark (but only outdoors) where it’ll result in a sudden turn from happily sniffing or playing to running back and forth to the door, crying and even going as far as throwing himself at the door or trying to jump as the windows to get indoors...
Visitors he bolts hiding himself under or behind things (if I sit with him in my lap he’ll settle sleep and even accept treats but put him down and poof banished again and he wont aproach, treats be damned, on his own...
Nails are a screaming fighting is the crate (thankfully he’s happy to chill in a small puppy proof room instead when he has to be alone so the crates not as concerning since he’s not destructive and doing remarkably well with potty training for a dog who’s had no consistency prior...)
And putting a harness on him (because I’m terrified collar alone even a martingale wouldn’t be enough with his tendency to suddenly spook and bolt) is like wrestling a slippery piglet no matter what kind of treats I have (once it’s on he seems fine though)

I’m not a beginner when it comes to primitive breeds or opinionated dogs but he’s my first basenji and if apreciate any tips insight links ect to get him on the right path...

It breaks my heart to see him suddenly look so terrified

I currently practice positive reinforcement when he doesn’t spook and try to ignore the fear responce completly adventures to not reinforce it but I wonder if there’s more (tether training ect)

Thought from those more experienced in the breed would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want this developing into something worse

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Thanks guys, his responce is never to bristle...
Just cry and or run so my usual responce is to just tell him to “let’s go” in an upbeat tone and keep moving rather than to let him focus on whatever’s got him spooked when we’re walking
Loud rumbling vehicles and seeing people at any distance on walks tend to get him into stop and then spook mode...

In the yard I just try and ignore his freak out moments and then make happy fun time when hes “brave”

So it’s good to know that I’m generallybon the right track using the “act confident” and “don’t reinforce the fear” stuff

I just wasn’t sure given how unique the breed is if I should be taking different steps compared to working with other breeds

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