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I have two cats, last year I had two Basenjis, one Schnauzer, and four cats, all in the house. We put up baby gates, and the cats stayed upstairs, the dogs were only allowed downstairs. They have a healthy respect for the cats. In November/December, my Basenji- Girl died, and my youngest cat also passed. My daughter moved and took her cat. So, now we have one Basenji, one Schnauzer and two cats. We still have all the baby gates up and everything is fine. We rescued all of our Basenjis and they had their issues. If you have love and patience you will have a very loving companion in a Basenji. They can be skittisch, hard headed and at times difficult. But they are also smart, beautiful, loving and totally charming…

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My name is Gabriele. My Husband Don and I are owned by our Basenji named Huck. He is a 15 months young male tri color. We live in South Eastern Alabama. Huck has a companion, Heidi, a Miniature Schnauzer. Huck is not our first experience with Basenjis. For the past 12 years our family included two Basenjis, which have passed away. We are very familiar with the problems and joys of living with Basenjis, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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