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Mrs. Debra wrote to us –
I am sorry that a rescue and your vet gave you misinformation and that
**** you have taken your ***** limited experience to assume ****
it is true for all basenjis. The belief that they don't get fleas is dangerous.

REPLY TO Mrs. Debra –
We are sorry that our post irritated your temper,
however, I wrote about OUR experience, NOT YOURS:
We said – "I've had 3 basenji's. Not one flea and never stinky."
My brother has 3 basenji's – not one flea and never stinky.
I donate lots of funds to BRAT and other Basenji Rescue Orgs.

As newcomers, we felt your post to us was so rude and hurtful.
I have chronic heart failure, and that hurt my heart.
Please do not ever reply to us again. If you do, we will resign
and spread the word.

Hope you have a better day,
Victoria & Robert,
Basenji Lovers

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I've had three basenji's. Not one flea and never stinky. They have a hide like a horse. Not fur like a dog. That's what Basenji Rescue and my vets told me. Basenji's are my most favorite living thing on this earth!
I once had 2 black labs who were so loving but stunk, shed lots of fur and had lots of fleas.
Your dog is sooooo cute! I hope you both have a blessed life.

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Looks like he is part Basenji. Hints: Basenji's are SO hilarious! They cannot stand to be dirty or smell bad; they prune themselves like cats so always smell really sweet. Don't usually bark, but will sometimes yodel or "Barrrooooo" and run in "B52 circles". Basenji's are very precious, yet are mischievous & often bad! They'll make you love them to the bone, make you smile, then make you grit your teeth. They might chew up things you love (my wedding shoes, scarfs, and Japanese paint brushes.) Most basenji's are escape artists, fence climbers, roof jumpers, and run wild (stampede) until you both pass out from running. Instead of fur, they have hide like a horse, so they smell sweet and never get fleas. Have fun! Let me know what you find out. Leigh Reagan

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