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Bless your heart! I was planning to adopt the female because I couldn't stand the thought of her being PTS. I have ten dogs (five seniors) and foster for a rescue organization. Little Ree was welcome here, but I'm happy you have located a home. I'm relieved. I'll call the shelter and leave another message for Mike that I'm happy with the outcome.

Joanne, I left a message for you on your board.

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This is important or I wouldn't be posting on this forum.
I received word from Jennifer, White County Animal Shelter:

I just got a call from Mike at the shelter. He needs the dogs moved yesterday. He is euthanizing monday. Please help them.


Another email this evening: I am not sure if they took him [male p/b Basenji]or not… i was just told today that if i could not get a bunch moved he was gonna have to euth on mon. He picked up 14 today and has another 18 to pickup monday... please help what you can.

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Great pictures. Our fur-kids are so much fun.

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Dallas, the Basenji I adopted a couple weeks ago, eats like a pig! I've never seen a dog eat so fast or as much. Dallas literally runs around the kitchen while I'm fixing the dogs' food because he is so excited. He eats and eats and eats like he has never had a decent meal. I'm not limiting his food because he is so thin. Although, I notice he doesn't know what a veggie is and cautiously tries them.

I have to watch Dallas very closely as he steals (oops, borrows) food every chance he gets. Last weekend, three dinner rolls and a bag of cookies from my favorite bakery disappeared!! He knows how to take lids off of trash cans, he can open cupboards, he can pull the dishwasher door open, and he absolutely panics if at least one dish doesn't have kibble in it at all times.

I know Dallas will calm down in time when he understands food will always be here for him. BTW - eventho, Dallas is rough around the edges, he is the best behaved Basenji out of the pack - a real sweetheart of a boy. I adore him.

As soon as Dallas has finished meds for respiratory infection, he will have blood work done and his thryoid checked.

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I love it! I'd love a copy of that pix to frame and put in my office. Do you know the woman well - do you think I could get a copy of the pix from her?

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Darling baby and pretty mama.
My fur-kids love babies and children.
My friend visits with her two girls - the youngest sits on top of my 100# Shep and watches TV. We found the little girl asleep on top of Kira and Kira was sound asleep, too, with a Basenji on each side of them. Too cute.

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maybe i should take picks of my beat up furniture. I could show my marble and wood coffee table with basenji burn out marks across the top when they'd spring off the couch across it to shoot out the back dog door to chase a squirrel.

😃 Now, that sounds normal to me. 😃

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When I was a kid I tried dog biscuits many times thinking one must taste as good as it smelled - NOT! Never did find a good one. :mad:

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Pari1art - I'm a computer dork - I know nothing about posting photos, I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera!

I like that you went to court and won - great story.
Basenjis are the best.

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Makes me feel better Bmama and Bdiva -

I'm not going to discuss panties and underwear - nothing like tug-a-war with mama's bra!

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Why does everyone have such nice civilized dogs and mine are like a pack of hoodlums!

I can't do anything cutesy! No cuddly outfits, pretty leashes, or toys. They like old socks, pieces of tree limbs, rocks, and dirt clods!

I feel like I live in a house full of juvenile delinquents. 😉

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One of my B's pees on a throw rug by the door when I leave - definately an "attitude pee."

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What a little doll.

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Sweet photo and congrats on the new litter.

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You sound like a hoot! The names are priceless.
I'm welcoming you and your great sense of humor.

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Wonderful! My Bs and I enjoyed it.

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That was funny.. I looked at it about 30 minutes ago, but got caught up on youtube looking at all things basenji or lure coursing or agility..I got hooked..

Me, too. Rocky sits on my lap and watches - my Basenjis stand up, with front paws on my desk, trying to figure out where these Basenjis are! They look behind the screen, under the desk, behind the desk, and barooooo!

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Very interesting discussion - I learned a lot I didn't know.
I must admit the first post about Gizmo had me laughing so hard.

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We did a 4mile walk when I got back from work at 7am, then a nap on the couch, then a 6.5mile bike ride followed by, you guessed it, a nap on the couch, then a hike for just over 4miles. We both had some food then slept for a few hours before I went to work at 10:30pm. Nigel went happily into his crate. I assume he snoozed the night away.
We took it easy today. Just a 3 or 4 mile walk along the St Vrain river. Snow is on the ground, we'll see how Nigel likes that when he gets up! Thanks again all. I will oblige and slow the pace for the little fella. He seems to love the activity and certainly doesn't lag behind.

Take care,


YOU are in good shape!

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Less than having teenagers! :eek:

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