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@debradownsouth sorry if I was unclear. Dad is clear per OFA. I'll be testing her regardless.

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Hello! I am interested in breeding basenjis at some point in my life. From what I've read, a title is necessary. I've heard a lot about asking yourself what the puppies would add to the breed. Is this mostly in regard to temperament? Obviously health is important. This is a far off idea at this point, I just wanted to open the door since everyone seems well educated. What do you look for in a puppy if you are looking to breed it later? Are there any books or resources you would recommend for someone interested in the topic? I'm in no rush, I just want to get educated so that I can prepare for a litter maybe 5-10 years down the road depending on my situation.

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@basenjicn She's actually Brindle! She's just got a darker face.

Here's a photo of her riding her cousin, Cricket (my sisters horse.)

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@tanza Dad was tested for fanconi and was clear. Mom was not tested. I'll get Chaga tested. Thank you so much for the info! Is there any reason to wait or can you test a puppy? Again, thank you so much!

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@elbrant @BasenjiCN It's also a name of an African tribe!

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@tanza Candyce Witte in Caldwell, TX. I learned after I got her that she may not be the most reputable breeder, but I love my girl.

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My baby was born without one of her back claws. Would this disqualify her from ever winning a title?

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