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Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your replies! Rex just had his first vet visit (first with me at least), and he was given a clean bill of health. The vet that I saw also agrees with a lot of you that he looks like a Min Pin more than a Basenji, but he is likely still mixed with something because he's a bit too big to be a pure Min Pin.

I've looked at a few DNA Dog Breed tests online, and they seem to range in price and in quality. It seems like some of the cheaper (~$50) tests are fake, but they go all the way up to almost $250 for the higher quality ones. Do any of you have experience with these DNA tests / have a brand you found reputable? I'll be sure to post the results of any of the tests with this forum!

Thanks again, and Rex is doing really great in his new home!!




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Hi everyone,

I just recently adopted my first puppy from a local humane society. They listed 'Rex' as a Basenji mix, and I'm curious if others agree that he is in fact a Basenji. And if so, what the other mix might be. When I've been walking him around my neighborhood, most other dog owners have said he looks like a mini doberman.

Rex seems to have a lot of the same behaviors as Basenji (he can jump vertically, chortles and barks a bit due to being mixed, he's super curious about everything and very playful, he grooms himself so he is very clean, barely sheds and has no 'dog' smell, loves to sit in laps etc.) But, at the same time I can't help but wonder if he is actually a Basenji, or if that was just listed because it's perhaps a more enticing breed to list for adoptions. He doesn't have a tightly curled tail that is typical of Basenji's and his color pattern also seems a bit off for a Basenji. He has his first vet appointment for this Saturday, so I'll also see what the vet thinks about his breed.

In any case, Rex is loving his new home. Curious what those on these forums with more experience with Basenji's think! Attached below are some photos!






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