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Hi All,

I was looking up some info on the recent puppy mill legislation in WI (I'm from Eau Claire, WI) and i came across a thread from last year wondering about some basenji breeders in the Eau Claire, WI area. A woman named Theresa Hestekin came up and some were wondering about her pups and I just wanted to let everyone know that she is NOT a reputable breeder. According to the USDA, she has a class-b dealer license, that's a red flag in itself. Additionally, she has been under investigation several times by the Wisconsin DNR (she owns a black bear that is confined to a small dog run), and she has sold several breeder dogs at the Thorp dog auctions, which is where class B dealers sell their worn out breeder animals. She is a TERRIBLE woman. In addition, she constantly accuses the local humane association of breeding animals for profit and the only reason she is not sued for slander is because she does not use the organization name explicitly (however, she does copy their mission statement word for word…). Please do NOT purchase a puppy from her. Her intentions are not those of a reputable breeder.

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