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Hi, check him for internal worms. My girl is also on raw diet and sometimes she just doesn’t eat her food for few days. But she would eat a bone with meat around it always or boiled poultry. So, when these “mood days” 😂 are happening now, I just switch for a few days to different food.
Also, take away snacks these days, they know if the don’t eat their meal, they would fill up with snacks)))) usually, when they are sick, they would not eat anything at all but with internal worms they might eat junk but not meat. Good luck!

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Hi! Point taken is our father ☺☺☺️!
Our girl’s name is Ima))) Tame parade in vogue )

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Hi. My 8,5 month went into heat at almost 7 month, one week before she turned 7) It was the first experience for us as well. She didn’t have diarrhea but as mentioned before, her vulva was very swollen with a bit of dried blood on it, she was more quiet, loved when you rub her belly) Give her lots of attention and buy special underwear) for us diapers didn’t work, she took them off but didn’t mind underwear at all. However, I used regular female’s everyday pads since doggy pads were too small))) Good luck, it only last ONE MONTH 😳😊

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