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Yes i have and all breeders are at least 2 hrs away. Not an issue to pick up a puppy, but i don't want to drive another 2 hrs and have the same result. Unfortunately, Signet is the breeder that i had the appointment with last weekend that didn't call or show. So i was hoping to find maybe an individual in our area that owns Basenjis that would be interested in an intro for my wife and kids.

Another breeder I've been speaking with has a FB page, communicating much better, and seems to be very upfront on all tests/immunizations. Any feedback on
Mandy's Pups located near Dallas?

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For a little background, my dad had Basenjis for about 20 yrs and i feel like they could be the 1st animal addition to our household. I want to intro my wife and kids to them before we commit. Is there anyone in the Tyler, TX area that would be willing to meetup?

I've been looking into breeders within the immediate area and found a few. Unfortunately, we had an appointment with one of those this weekend, drove 2 hrs and got stood up.... Not fun with a 2 and 5 yr old.

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