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thanks…all my pix are too I may have to just change my icons once in awhile. your icon is nice too.

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ooops, my pix aren't uploading…I'll try again later. sorry.

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Happy Holidays to everyone!

I just thought I'd share some pictures of my dog Amber since she is new to this forum.

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Hello, I am the proud owner of a 2 year old female basenji named Amber (tan & white). She keeps us busy at times but she is such a pleasure to be with. She is very playful, curious, stubborn, mischievious & affectionate (on her terms) & loves to chase squirrels & rabbits in our fenced in backyard. she doesn't seem to like car rides (anxiety) because she whines but I have been trying to take her on more short rides to adjust her. She also loves playing with other dogs-especially the bigger ones (chasing)…the smaller ones she tends to bully & hipcheck. Otherwise, Amber is our sweetheart who makes us laugh & love her all the more.:p

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