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I adopted a Basenji/Shepherd Mix about six months ago. She had been starved and beaten in her previus home. In the beginning the training went smoothly, she seemes to be happy to be in a home, and she seems to get along fairly well with other dogs. Recently however, she has been getting into aggressive standoffs and fights with other dogs. She and I were attacked by a dog a few weeks ago who was off of her leash (mine was leashed). After chasing another dog today, she was bitten by a pitbull. She is also very defensive around men. Not all, but some. She does not appear necessarily aggressive, but protective. For instance she will come between me and the male and her hair will stand on end and she'll bark. Im concerned that if I cannot get a handle on this she will hurt someone who doesn't know not to touch her or another dog. Or eually as bad she will be seriously injusred by another dog. I have lots of expereince dog training and I have never had this much trouble containing and controlling a dog's behavior. Any suggestions are helpful as I have run to the end of my training experience.

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