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Hi i have 4 basenjis in my household plus 8 puppies..

I first bought a basenji from america as one caught my eye while on holiday there. I got the puppie shipped over made sure it had all injections and tests needed.

Then i was so in love with this type of dog i decided to buy another of a different sex to breed.

we were succesfull in breeding these 2 dogs and we had 6 puppies and decided to keep 2 of them.

Now we thought the time was right to breed again.

There are 8 gorgeous puppies all walking well and feeding well.


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Hi all i have 8 basenji puppies for sale in uk.. newcastle upon tyne area.

we have 2 male dogs and 6 bitches all lovely patterns and colours.

very rare pets..

both parents can be seen on collection.

please email me or reply to thread foe more details


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