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Hi, my female, Roxie has some seriously stubborn moments, lol. Fortunately, I thoroughly researched her breed before adopting her. I live in the country 1/10th of a mile away from roads on 69 acres with lots of trees and a huge yard but it isn't fenced. She is the only inside dog but I had 2 large outside dogs. As soon as I let her go outside off leash, she took off like a crazed jack rabbit. She absolutely refused to come to me if I was standing. If I went after her, the chase was on. Soooo, I decided to sit down and wait to see what she would do. She acted like she didn't know her name for awhile. She did, she just pretended she didn't, lol. When I sat a few minutes and pretended to ignore her, she came to me. I learned quickly to use treats to get her back at first, then her soft squeakie toy. She took longer to learn commands than my previous huskies, shepards and terrier. Then, I began using hand signals with words. She respond so much better and more quickly. A BASENJI IS TRAINABLE! Evidently, the human has to be trained first, LOL. She suffered from separation anxiety, hated rain, cold, bathes, having her nails clipped, etc. I bought her a rain coat, winter sweaters, etc. Fifteen months later, I rescued a 1 yr old female Yorkie, IsaBella, who was seriously abused and afraid of everyone. There was jealousy at first but it vanished quickly with extra love, hugs, etc. Having company seemed to help both dogs with anxiety. They both act like they've been alone a week if I'm away a few hours so they stick to me like glue. IsaBella- Yorkie, has been far slower to learn than Roxie-Basenji, but is squeaky ball crazy. She will chase these until YOU drop. I've learned each dog is an individual and different just like people. Now, 5 1/2 years later, Roxie still has stubborn episodes but is such a loving girl. She only gets grouchy and growls if she's bumped under the covers when sleeping. She has imitated my other dogs and now has learned a type of bark, LOL. She is a serious clown at times and the funny sounds crack me up continually. She rarely growls at IsaBella-Yorkie but when she does IsaBella backs up. I fell in love with Roxie-Basenji's face at first sight. I've never regretted adopting her or her sister, IsaBella-Yorkie. Hopefully, others might try using hand signals WITH words to train their Basenji's. 😊 NEVER use physical punishment on your Basenji or other breeds either. A firm Aaaank sound is all I need to stop an unwanted action or I say No. It works, training just takes time, consistency, and love. They are extremely smart.

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First, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is always heart breaking. I never forget my previous animals no matter how long ago. They bring such love into our lives and truly make it better. My first Basenji, Roxie was a rescue who was starved and abused from the first few months. She will be 6 yrs old Nov 12th. As a result she is only about 14 lbs. She is a very picky eater. I experimented with different foods. I quickly determined to leave her dry food out at all times. She will only eat a few bites at a time. She eats more like a cat than dog at times. She is pad trained so if i can't be available to take her out it's no problem. She loves boneless chicken, vegetables and fruit at any time, especially crunchy apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, plums, and watermelon. Of course, I only give her a few bites at a time. This is healthy and will encourage most picky eaters. Dogs with very low or very high blood sugar can have episodes just like a human diabetic who become disoriented, pass out, or have seizures. I'm type II diabetic and eat vegetables and fruits daily anyway so a few extra bites don't cost that much. 😊

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My gorgeous girl, Roxie is about to be 6 years old Nov 12th. She is my first Basenji and has been a total delight. She seems more human than dog at times. Knowing your furbaby lived to 17 is wonderful and amazing. It gives me hope that my girl will be long lived too. All my previous dogs, huskies, shepards, and terriers lived 13-15 years. No matter the age it hurts to lose them. They own a big chunk of our heart. I can't bear to be alone when they have gone, so I adopt another very soon. Each one has their own special place in our heart. They fill our lives with joy, comfort and occasionally aggravation. They are family.
My prayers are with you. God bless.

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