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We have a problem with our boy Barkley - we rescued him about 2 weeks ago and is doing very well but we are having a problem with him not going potty in our yard. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this? My mornings are busy getting my son ready for school, feeding the dogs etc. As soon as I take Wes to school I walk the dogs but he is REALLY needing to go by this time. He is escaping out of his crate (while I am taking my son to school) and once did a small potty behind the couch :eek: - just enough to take off the pressure I guess because he did go potty 2 times on our walk later. I would not mind getting up a few minutes early and going for a quick walk around the block but he is not that easy. Even having to go as bad as he does he may not do it until 30 minutes into the walk!!

We have a fenced yard and we let the dogs out all the time to take care of their business and he will go out with our puppy but won't do anything. My only idea to try is to attach him to the run line that my husband put up through the yard and just leave him out there and not walk. He is stubborn though - not sure how long he could hold it before giving in. He just loves his walks too - always runs to the gate every time he goes on into the yard hoping to go for another. Should I try this? - Seems so mean.

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You all have been so helpful and I do appreciate it. We will be making a trip to Pet Smart to get Barkley set up for polite walking. I had used the gentle leader for my girl Molly who was a puller too. It made a world of difference for me at least ! 🙂

He was driving me insane this morning. Kept going to the back door and putting front paws on the doorknob and rattling it a bit. I repeatedly took him out to the yard (in pj's no less!) - not used to having to take my dogs out. The yard is fenced and before we just open the back door and they did their business and would come back in. I can't do that with Barkley so out we both go. Many, many times. He would not do anything when we got out there though. I was trying to get my son ready for school on top of it. Finally I had enough and I got fully dressed and told my son we were going on a quick walk because he would go to the gate every time we went out. I just thought he was really looking forward to the walk we take after I take my boy to school. So off we go, - next yard over he had the biggest poo ever - yuck! He just did not want to go in his yard I guess - never had dealt with that before so I did not have a clue what he was trying to tell me poor little guy! It was quite funny. I had to go back to the neighbors yard with another bag - one was not enough to clean up that mess! Must have been holding it for a while.

I am wanting to give him a bath since he has been outside for so long but with all this new stuff thrown at him all at once I have been thinking that maybe I shouldn't. Any great advice for that? From what I read it may be quite an adventure. He isn't dirty - and does not smell which is just flabbergasting considering he has been living on a cow farm!

I will let you know how he is doing - he is getting neutered Tuesday - I bet he won't be too happy with us - but I really feel it is necessary.

Husband just called me at work and told me that Barkley was cuddling with him and gave him his 1st kiss - he is starting to warm up !! 😃


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Hello again. I wanted to thank all who gave me info on my last post and the links which I did research. Appreciate it!

Backstory - we were told by our vet that there was a male Basenji who had showed up at a local farm family's house 1 1/2 months ago. Husband said don't feed but wife took pity and has been giving him table scraps. They have fallen for this beautiful guy and would have let him stay on the farm as an outside dog but he "barks" at the back door all the time and has recently added killing the neighboring farms chickens. He has wore out his welcome. I asked her directly what their plans were for him if I did not take him. All she would say was that he could not be here - I knew what that meant. They had tried finding him a new home but no takers. I decided he had to be my project.

I drove to this family's house armed with a bunch of treats/ a slip lead/ crate etc. He would not come to me. I was about to leave when the husband came home and got him for me and placed him in the car. I drove to the next town over to get him scanned for a microchip - no luck. Then drove back to go see our vet. Gave him the royal treatment - fecal/blood tests and vaccinations. This brave guy never made a peep. Such a calm boy.

Took him home and had to Frontline him - lots of fleas. Then brought out our 4 month old female pit bull mix to meet him - no problem except for her really. She is a rather playful as most 4 month olds are! By the way - vet guesses his age at 4 years old - some teeth are not in good shape - since we know nothing of his past it is hard to tell. He seems to have very good house manners so far. No potty - spraying - nothing. That makes me very happy. He came to me when I was sitting on the couch and kind of looked at the couch then back to me as if asking - can I? I patted the couch and said come on boy and he looked so happy. He laid on his back and scooched all around as if to show how happy he was. So cute. I let him on the bed that evening and he cradled right up to me. Got hot when hubby came to bed though and I had put a blanket down on the floor down beside me and a rawhide chew so he would know that he was welcome to lie there. I kept waking up during the night to make sure he was not wandering the house but he never moved.

Took the dogs on a 1 1/2 hour walk this morning - both very tired when we returned. He has been nice and calm all day. My problem - he is not crate trained. When I take my son to school in the morning/take a shower/leave for work they need to be crated. It is not for long - even for work - because my husband comes home about an hour after I have left to go to work. He does not go willingly. I put chews, toys, and give a treat to them both. My baby girl has been trained for this - say "go to bed" and she does. No problem. How do you do this on a 33 pound boy who does not want to be in there? He does not make any sounds - just resists. I had to put the slip lead on him and get him in there. Since he has been table fed for the past 1 1/2 months he is not eating much dog food but I suppose that will fix itself when he gets hungry enough. I have not found anything that he particularly likes treatwise - any suggestions? I have used pupperoni/gooberliscious(peanut butter flavored dog treat)/ things of that nature.

Another problem - he has not been properly trained to walk. He is fine with the leash on him - but he pulls - and he is STRONG/ he keeps crossing into my path a lot!! where I feel as if I will trip. I have only dealt with puppies - never have taken on an adult dog with bad habits. Any suggestions on dealing with these problems would be appreciated and any other advice you have to pass onto a lady who is not prepared for this situation but was not willing to let this guy be put down without giving it a try. His name is Barkley by the way and we all are falling for this guy.


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I have never used a forum before - bear with me! To make a long story short - we lost our beloved 18 month old beagle/terrier mix girl Saturday. Her baby "sis" - our recently adopted 4 month old pit bull mix misses her terribly as much as us if possible. She is not eating much or playing. At her vet visit today I mentioned the loss to the Doc and told him we were thinking of adding a new baby to the household - just seems so empty without Molly.

He mentioned that there was a family who had a male basenji show up 1 1/2 months ago at their home in the country. They say he is a people person and wants to come in the house very bad but they don't do inside dogs. They have beagles fenced that they hunt with. The husband did not want to start feeding him but the wife took pity on the guy and has been feeding table scraps. He has killed the neighboring farms chickens - so he is becoming unwelcome. They have become attached to him but know he needs a good home where he can come in. The lady left work and drove me to the country to meet this guy who is a stunner let me tell you. It took him a minute to come over to me but when he did he nuzzled my face as I talked to him softly and gave him a good petting. Our baby girl Blondie was with me since she had just been to the vet and they sniffed each other politely - no aggression.

My question - I have never dealt with male dogs (he is intact - that would have to change). My girl will get spayed in Nov. when she is old enough.
I have a picket fenced back yard - typical size - 4 feet? maybe tall. Will they jump a fence off leash? We live on a busy road. I have been researching the breed tonight on the internet. My husband has left the decision to me - he would be fine with it if I decide to do it. I do not commit lightly. Is there anything else I need to know to make this decision? I have only dealt with female puppy mutts - not male purebreed possibly adult - age unknown at this point. Any advice? I can't imagine someone not looking for him. She has watched the paper nightly - left info at all local vet/pet type of place in town - but nothing. Was he dropped off for a reason? Who knows. I would hate to bring home this little monster wrapped up in a pretty package. Just wanted to get someones input who has dealt with this breed. Thank you. Renee

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